What is the BEST Way for Almond Oil Extraction?

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Almond is found in the Middle East, India subcontinent and North Africa. Almond oil, transparent and in light yellow, with great fragrance, is not only a good cooking oil, but also a senior lubricating oil. It can resist the temperature below 20 ℃. Almond oil is a very important material to make senior paint coatings, cosmetics, soaps and more. Besides, it can be used to extract essence and vitamins. Almond oil is rich in protein, unsaturated fatty acid, vitamin, inorganic salt, dietary fiber and trace elements required in the human body. And, it can moisten lungs, strengthen spleen, supply energy and other beneficial functions for human body. The amygdalin contained in almond oil is a natural anti-cancer active substance.

almond seed and almond oil

However, the traditional methods for almond oil, such as pressing, has the risk of destroying the active ingredients contained in almond oil and can’t ensure high quality almond oils for various applications since pressing requires high temperature crushing. So, which is the Best Method for almond oil extraction? Can almond oil be extracted without crushing during the Extraction Process? What kind of Oil Extraction Machine conserve all the natural beneficial substance within almond oil?

Low Temperature Almond Oil Extraction Machine

Here, we recommend our CBE series small scale almond oil extraction machine. The capacity for almond oil ranges from 5L to 200L. The almond oil extraction machine mainly contains extraction pot, solvent pot, desolventizing pot, evaporating pot and more. Certainly, we also offer turnkey project for almond oil extraction plant in different capacity, ranging from 1TPD to 200TPD.

factory price almond oil extraction machine
Small Scale Almond Oil Extraction Machine

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Low Temperature Almond Oil Extraction Method & Process

ABC Machinery patented subcritical low temperature extraction technology is now the leading extraction method in the market. It can achieve the same extraction result of supercritical CO2 extraction equipment, but requires much less price to establish a professional almond oil extraction plant. In addition, using low temperature almond oil extracting machine can form large scale almond oil production, which is unavailable for supercritical CO2 extraction.

low temperature almond oil extraction process
Low Temperature Almond Oil Extraction Process

Advantages of Low Temperature Almond Oil Extraction Machine

  • Can preserve all the active ingredients within the almond oil, such as vitamins, amygdalin, protein, and more, greatly improving the quality of almond oil and expanding the applications of almond oil.
  • Requires less investment, the almond oil extraction machine supplied by ABC Machinery are all at factory low price and of high quality for long-term uses
  • Compared to supercritical CO2 extraction method, low temperature almond oil extraction method is not only easier to operate, but also can form large scale almond oil production
  • Compared to traditional solvent extraction method, it can save energy up to 70% and consume less solvent, usually one ton raw material is below 8kg of solvent
  • The main solvent for almond oil are butane, dimethyl ether, R134a or liquid ammonia, but which solvent is used for almond oil extraction is based on your requirements on the final almond oil and which components you want to protect on the final almond oil

More important, our almond oil extraction machine is also ideal for walnut, prickly pear seed, pistachio, nigella sativa seed, cashew and other valuable oil extraction. If you are looking for the best almond oil extraction method, process and machines, please directly contact us. We can offer more than you expected!

Almond Oil Benefits

Almond oil also contains vitamin E, which is mainly contained in a-tocopherol and gamma-tocopherol. Therefore, almond oil is not only excellent nutrition but also provides good oxidation stability. Sweet almond oil is widely used in cosmetics at home and abroad. It adds a moisturizing and anti-aging effect to the product, as well as a warm fragrance.

  • Almond Oil for Skin

In addition to the olive oil that can be used for emergency care of dry hands, sweet almond oil is also a very good maintenance product that softens the dry skin around the nails. After bathing or manicuring, massage and moisturize the nails in a round way to strengthen the nails and prevent the dry skin from hardening! Rich in minerals, proteins and vitamins, almond oil is an excellent vegetable oil for maintaining and nourishing the skin. It can effectively reduce skin itching and eliminate redness, dryness and inflammation, and can stimulate the endocrine system of cerebral prolapse glands, thymus and adrenal gland, promote cell renewal. Sweet almond oil can restore the skin smooth and soft, if used for a long time can effectively eliminate pregnancy encounter. Because almond oil is extremely mild, it can be used even by babies. In addition, for muscle pain caused by excessive exercise, if it is massaged with sweet almond oil, it can strengthen the oxygen function of cells, eliminate fatigue and accumulation of carbonic acid, and have the effect of analgesia and reducing irritation.

  • Almond Oil Protects Wrinkles

Almond oil can prevent wrinkles around the eyes. Eye corner grain, deal with annoying fine grain, fish tail grain or eye ministry fine grain, can use two drop almond oil to add a few aloe vera gel to mix well, once besmear go up absorb, immediately can not see grain (need not wash when going out can go up directly makeup).

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