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Prickly pear seed oil, also known as cactus seed oil, is an extremely rare essential oil. Prickly pear seed oil, in natural light yellow or yellowish green, is mainly found in southern Morocco. It is used as base oil due to its superior function of antioxidant and anti-wrinkle. Prickly pear seed oil contains unusually rich vitamin E (about 1000 mg/kg), sterol (about 10 g/kg), and a large number of essential fatty acids, so it can effectively prevent free radicals, deeply nourish and activating skin, postpone skin aging. Besides, it also has obvious effects to eliminate dark circles, wrinkles, stretch marks, scar healing, treatment of acne papules, and more. Prickly pear seed oil is natural and mild, all kinds of skin type and age layer can use it. In a word, it is a kind of essential oil suitable for family use. However, the production rate of prickly pear seed oil is extremely low, resulting in its high price. So how to make prickly pear seed oil by more efficient extraction method?

prickly pear seed oil benefits

ABC Machinery is an expert in oil extracting industry. We dedicates in developing advanced extraction methods and designing efficient extraction machinery for various oil extraction, especially for valuable oils and precious oils, such as prickly pear seed oil, wheat germ oil, evening primrose oil and other essential oils. Different from traditional prickly pear oil extraction methods, Our latest prickly pear seed oil extraction machinery adopts low temperature oil extracting method that can efficiently extract prickly pear seed oil while avoiding damages and destroys of the bioactive compounds of organic prickly pear seed oil. Most important, this new extraction equipment is low in price but high in extracting efficiency. Please email us directly for more information!

Low Temperature Prickly Pear Seed Oil Extraction Machinery

If you want to earn more profits through prickly pear seed oil production business, our prickly pear seed oil extraction machine is ideal for your needs. The capacity ranges from 1L to 200 tons. So, how our extraction machine to extract prickly pear seed oil by low temperature while improving the extraction rate? After a series pretreatment process, including cleaning, drying, pressing and more. Prickly pear seed is loaded in professional extraction tank and soaked with our patented subcritical solvents. Then, through continuous counter-current extraction, the mixture (prickly pear seed oil and solvent) comes to desolventizating system to remove solvent for final prickly pear seed oil, and the solvent within the mixture is compressed and condensed for recycling use. The whole extracting process of prickly pear seed oil is completed at the condition of low temperature and low pressure. Therefore, our prickly pear seed oil extracting machine can perfectly protect the active ingredients, like vitamin E, sterol and more. So, the prickly pear seed oil is of high value for further processing and applications.

low temperature prickly pear seed oil extraction machinery

Low Temperature Prickly Pear See Oil Extraction Machine (100L)

Why Prickly Pear Seed Oil is Valuable?

Prickly pear seed oil is supremely high in essential fatty acids, Omega 6 and Omega 9, as well as vitamin E, which is a natural antioxidant. Prickly pear seed oil benefits the skin with its extraordinary anti-aging and hydrating properties. Its benefits include the following:

  1. The skin rapidly absorbs the oil so it penetrates deep within with no greasy residue;
  2. It can restore the elasticity of the skin and can brighten the complexion due to its high antioxidant activity that stimulates renewal of cells;
  3. It can tighten the pores as the oil keeps the collagen layer of the skin healthy and moist;
  4. It can slow skin aging because of the high levels of Betalains that are powerful antioxidants.

Our low temperature oil extraction machinery is your best choice for prickly pear seed oil production. We can supply Small Scale Oil Extraction Machinery and Larges Scale Oil Production Line for prickly pear seed oil manufacturing, urging you become the best prickly pear seed oil manufacturer in the world healthy oil or base oil market. You are very welcomed to contact us for more details or the latest price. We will offer you a best prickly pear seed oil production solution!

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