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Hemp protein is extracted from hemp seeds, and the content of hemp protein in hemp seeds is up to 35%. Hemp protein has many health benefits for human. It contains rich amino acids, higher fiber content and 10% fatty acids. So, it can help reduce the risk of type-2 diabetes, heat disease and other diseases. Nowadays, the demands for hemp protein in market is increasing due to its abundant nutritional value and expanding uses in food products. Hemp protein has been used in many industries, such as food & beverage, pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics and other. Importantly, its rich fiber content makes it the best additive and ingredient in these industries. So, how to make hemp protein powder to meet the increasing demand? ABC Machinery offers the best answer.

hemp seeds to hemp protein powder
Left: Hemp Seeds                                   Middle: Heep seed heart                                   Right: Hemp ProteinPower

How to Make Hemp Protein Powder?

Our company provides Sub-critical Solvent Extraction Machine to extract hemp protein from hemp seeds. This technology simplify the process of hemp protein making and greatly retains the nutrients of hemp protein, furthe improving the quality of final hemp protein powder.

Making hemp protein powder with advanced technology

Our sub-critical solvent extraction technology mainly uses liquefied solvents (propane, butane, R134a) to extract the hemp protein. The basic principle of this technology is to use sub-critical solvent to extract protein from hemp seeds through count-current extraction. Then, the solvent within the mixture of solvent and hemp meal is decompressed and gasified. And, gasified solvent is recycling after compressing and condensing. And, extracted hemp protein is further process into powder. Since the whole process is completed under low temperature and normal pressure, so it doesn’t cause any damages for the natural components of hemp protein powder, which is enough to ensure the quality of made hemp protein.

hemp protein powder making process with sub-critical solvent extraction machine
Detailed Hemp Protein Powder Making Process

Technical Highlights of Hemp Protein Powder Making

  1. The color, quality, natural component of extracted hemp protein powder is better than other traditional hemp protein making methods.
  2. Low temperature, oxygen free and non - heat extraction make the active ingredient of hemp protein well retained.
  3. The whole extraction system can be expanded into large scale production
  4. It requires low investment, compared to super-critical CO2 extraction method
  5. The sub-critical solvents can be easily got at reasonable price in today’s market.
  6. It is energy-saving and environmental-friendly method to make hemp protein powder.
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