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Rice Bran Protein - Best hypoallergenic Plant Protein

rice bran proteinRice bran is a cheap, low - utilization but nutrient-rich byproduct of rice processing. Although rice bran is rich in the world, the deep development and utilization of rice bran is insufficient, most rice bran is treated as fodder, and the added value of rice bran has not been fully improved. Rice bran contains 12% ~ 17% protein, much higher than the protein content of rice (about 7%). Therefore, the extraction of protein from rice bran is one of the most effective ways to ulitize rice bran resources. Rice bran protein can be divided into four categories: albumin (37%), globulin (36%), gluten (22%), and alcohol-soluble protein (5%),  and its soluble protein is about 70%, which is close to soybean protein powder.

The essential amino acids of rice bran is close to the proteinrequirement model of human body, and its lai amino acids and amino acid content are higher than that of egg. Therefore, rice bran protein can compensate the deficiency of amino acid of some cereal protein, making it a best high quality plant protein that can be rivalled with animal protein. Another prominent feature of rice bran protein is hypoallergenic. It is the least sensitive protein in known cereal protein. Protein in rice bran is a high quality plant protein with low sensitivity and high biological potency. As a new protein resource, rice bran protein can be used directly to improve the nutrition and texture of food, for example, as a low allergen material for infant food. It can also be used in the production of bioactive peptides and improve the use value of rice bran. (You may also look for plant protein extraction machinery>>)

Low Temperature Rice Bran Protein Extraction Machine

ABC Machinery adopts low temperature subcritical extraction technology to extract protein from plant raw materials so as to ensure the quality of protein. Using low temperature subcritical method to extract protein from defatted rice bran rice can make the protein purity up to 94% ~ 99%, and its nutritional value is same with the endoderm of rice protein. So the rice bran protein is the ideal material fortifier for high-protein health and nutriential food making. Subcritical low temperature extraction equipment is the most suitable machinery to realize the industrialization of rice bran protein.  (You may also interested in protein powder production process>>)

rice bran protein extraction machine for sales at factory price

Rice Bran Protein Extraction Machine - Low Temperature

Operation of Rice Bran Protein Extraction Machine

Proportion of Solvent and Defatted Rice Bran Meal

The efficiency of extraction is ralated  to the proportion between solvent and materials, stirring, extraction temperature, extraction time, extraction pressure, extraction times, ultrasonic assisted extraction, the selection of extraction agent and the entrainer and other factors. Theoratically, the higher the proportion of solvent and rice bran meal, the higher the extraction efficiency is. In order to optimize the cost of industrialization of rice bran protein production, the proportion between solvent and rice bran meal is generally controlled between 1:1 to 1.5:1. This is one of the best ways to improve the efficiency of rice bran protein extraction machine.

Stirring of Rice Bran Meal and Solvent - Countercurrent Extraction

Extraction process is a process of molecular relative diffusion, moderate stirring can increase the mix between solvent and rice bran meal, reduce diffusion resistance during extraction, make the concentration of the extraction system towards the benefit and fat-soluble components in the solid material to the diffusion in liquid solvent. This process is often achieved by countercurrent extraction of rica bran and solvent.  (See more at Solvent Extraction>>)

Extraction Temperature and Pressure of Extraction

Increasing extraction temperature can increase the movement speed of molecules, thus increasing the speed of diffusion, but too high temperature can cause inactivation of active components.Therefore, the temperature is controlled at a certain range.The pressure and temperature are positively correlated, the extraction temperature of rice bran protein increases and the extraction pressure increases accordingly. Increased pressure can help to increase extraction speed of rice bran protein.

Extraction Time & Frequency

According to the different materials, the rational extraction time and frequency are obtained through orthogonal test, and the extraction efficiency can be improved through the flow extraction process in the actual production process.


In subcritical fluid extraction process for natural plant active ingredients, using the "cavitation effect" of ultrasonic can achieve intensified extraction solvent penetration, dissolvization, proliferation activity, reduce the external diffusion resistance extraction and can shorten extraction time, thus greatly improving the extraction efficiency, the corresponding output, lower extraction cost. The practice shows that there is a great advantage in the introduction of ultrasonic technology in subcritical extraction.

Why should use our extraction machine to extract rice bran protein?

It is worth noting that the quality of rice bran protein is also affected by the stabilization of rice bran and the extraction process of rice bran oil. Due to heat, the protein will be degenerated to some degree. In the case of high temperature extraction of oil or dissolving process, the protein in rice bran can be seriously degenerative and difficult to extract. That's why our rice bran protein extraction machine makes full use of low temperature subcritical extraction method to protect rice bran protein from damages.

Compared to other protein extraction methods, our low temperature rice bran extraction machine has many advantages: non-toxic, harmless, environmental protection, no pollution, no oxidation, no solvent residues, no damages on active ingredients, easy to industrialized for large scale production, solvent recycling, energy-saving, low investment cost, and very easy to operate. Besides, the complete set of rice bran protein extraction machine can be also used to extract high quality rice bran for the oil mill plant. Therefore, choosing our extraction machine is the most wise decision. You are very welcomed to ask any questions about our low temperature extraction machine for rice bran!

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