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cinnamon leave oil and cinnamon bark oilCinnamon oil comes from a plant called Cinnamomum Verum. This plant grows in Sri-Lanka, India, Bangladesh, China, and Indonesia. However, today, this plant is planted in many countries of the world and used for the extracting of cinnamon oil, which is characterized by a spicy-sweet flavor and alluring fragrance. There are two types of cinnamon oil extracts which are cinnamon leaf oil extract and cinnamon bark oil extract. The two different cinnamon oil products have distinctive colors. Cinnamon leaf extract is light yellow whereas cinnamon bark oil has a reddish-brown color. The latter is richer in quality and therefore more expensive when you consider the cost of everyday bark oil use.

ABC Machinery designs and manufactures advanced extraction machinery and complete solvent extraction plant for all natural extract components extraction, including herb, oilseeds, plants and more. We meet the demands of virtually every application in natural extract processing industries. Therefore, how to extract cinnamon oil is an easy question for us! The cinnamon oil extracting machine we supply is of premium quality and suitable for small scale or large scale cinnamon oil production. We also provide highly efficient oleoresin extraction plant for other spices. Factory direct price plus upscale service! You are very welcomed to contact us for the latest price! (You may also be interested in herb extraction machine>>)

Working Principle of Cinnamon Oil Extracting Machine

Our cinnamon oil extraction machine adopts latest subcritical low temperature extraction technology to produce high quality cinnamon oil. It can be used to extract oil from cinnamon barks or cinnamon leaves. Except the pretreatment of cinnamon raw material has a little different, the main extraction process for cinnamon oil is similar.  See more models and technical date at Oil Extraction Kit, if you have any questions about our oil extraction machine, please feel free to contact us!

factory price cinnamon oil extracting machine for sales

Cinnamon Oil Extracting Machine (Capacity: 20L)

First, pretreated materials are loaded into the extraction tank and mixed with subcritical solvent. Then after counter-current extraction process (the times of counter-current extraction is based on the capacity and specific proprieties of raw material), the mixture extract is led to evaporating system to remove solvent. And solvent coming from desolventizing tank will be compressed and condensed for solvent recycling. The biggest highlights of our cinnamon oil extraction machine is that all the extraction and desolventizing processes are carried out at low temperature and normal pressure, which means the thermal sensitivity of cinnamon barks and leaves aren’t disrupted or destroyed. (You may also be interested in eucalyptus oil extraction machine>>)

Advantage of Cinnamon Oil Extracting Machine

  • When the subcritical solvent (fluid) boasts special proprieties in boosting molecular diffusion, which speeds up the process of cinnamon oil extracting.
  • Since the extracting process takes place at low temperature and pressure condition, the active ingredients are protected from damages.
  • The extracting process is free from oxidant, which prevents any reaction with the air and produce top quality cinnamon oils.
  • The whole cinnamon oil extracting process is energy and solvent saving.
  • It is an eco-friendly extracting equipment that is also suitable for other natural essential oil extracting. 

Uses and Applications of Cinnamon oil

Cinnamon oil benefits range from embalming agent effects to insulin-like benefits for use by people with diabetes. Cinamon oil contains, eugenol, phenols, Cinnamaldehyde, linalool, eugenol acetate and benzyl benzoate.
Disinfectant: Cinnamon oil can be used as a natural and a not toxic disinfectant. It is very effective, and it has minimal side effects as compared to other products that may be used for the same application.
Home remedy for tooth ache: Cinnamon oil can be used as an instant relief for tooth aches at home.
Facial Scrub: A mixture of cinnamon oil, orange juice, cinnamon sugar and olive oil makes a good rejuvenating scrub.
Mouthwash /Gargle: When you add two drops of cinnamon oil in a glass of water, the resultant solution may be used as a mouthwash solution.
Insect repellent: Cinnamon oil has insect repellent qualities. It can be used against mosquitoes, bedbugs and a few other insects.
Cinnamon Shampoos: When added to shampoo, it helps eliminate head lice, especially when used on children.

Cinnamon Oil Benefits

cinnamon oil uses and benefitsCinnamon oil can be used as a stress relief ointment. When applied on a person’s skin, it soothes aching muscles and joints. Cinnamon oil gives warm antispasmodic benefits when applied on your body. It helps ease rheumatism, muscular aches, arthritis, and sprains. Cinnamon also offers benefits against some types of viral infections such as colds and coughs. You can also use cinnamon oil to curb the spread of such viral infections. Cinnamon oil has elements that destroy germs that may be found in your gallbladder, and it also helps fight staph infections by killing bacteria that cause such diseases. Cinnamon oil also helps ease chest congestion. It also helps patients with bronchitis. You can use either a burner or a vaporizer to diffuse cinnamon oil. Once you inhale the fumes, it helps ease congestion in your respiratory cavity. Cinnamon oil helps remove excess amount of toxins in your blood. The removal of blood impurities results in improved blood circulation, and as a result, cells get more oxygen, and your body’s metabolic activities operate at optimal capacity. The removal of blood toxins also helps reduce chances of suffering from a heart attack.

If you are looking for efficient and high quality cinnamon oil extracting machine, we are your reliable and trustworthy supplier. You can contact us for more detailed information about the specific cinnimon oil extraction process. We are always at your service!

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