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high quality cardamom oilAs cardamom oil is an important and useful essential oils, how to extract it without ruining the bioactive compounds in it? ABC Machinery will offer the most suitable and cost effective plan for cardamom oil extraction. As one of the top manufacturer and supplier of Essential Oil Extractor Machine in China. Our cardamom oil extractor uses international latest subcritical extraction methods to extract oils at low temperature and pressure condition. Compared with popular supercritical extraction, subcritical extraction not only can achieve the same result, but requires less investment cost for cardamom oil extracting.

How Cardamom Oil Extractor Works with Sub-critical Propane?

Cardamom Oil Extractor Machine adopts low temperature sub-critical solvent extraction method to process the natural raw material. First, to ensure high extracting rate, the cardamom seed should be processed through a series of pretreatment steps. After that, it comes to the main cardamom oil extraction process. The pretreated material is mixed with sub-critical solvent, propane. Then through counter-current extraction, cardamom oil is totally separated from the raw material into the solvent, and then comes out from the main extraction tank in the form oil mixture fluid. Now, after desolventizating and evaporation system, the target cardamom oil is obtained while the propane is compressed and condensed for the whole extraction process.
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Why use propane as the main solvent for cardamon oil extraction? This is because the boiling point of propane is above 0°C. The cardamom oil extraction machine eliminates high temperature extraction, and completely protect the natural cardamom oil. Similar extraction process is also for citronella oil extraction machine and eucalyptus oil extraction machine.

Flow Chart of Cardamom Oil Extraction Process

cardamom oil extraction process by sub-critical propane

Advantages of Cardamom Oil

Scientifically, cardamom is known as Elletaria Cardamomum. It is a spice popularly used in cooking because of its captivating and strong flavor. Aside from this, cardamom oil has benefits for the hair, skin and overall health. Natural cardmom oil has lots of important vitamins like vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin C and others. As a superb source of minerals, it boosts the overall health by its iron and copper that can promote red blood corpuscle generation. Its potassium aids in maintaining the cardiovascular health. In addition, manganese boosts the antioxidant property, and the cardamom oil can relieve muscular spasms because of its nature proprieties.

We are professional manufacturer and supplier of cardamom oil extractor. We can offer different capacities of equipment and plants for cardamom oil and other herb essential oils.  Anytime you feel interest in cardamom oil extracting, or you want to buy cardamom oil extractor machinery, cocntact us!

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