How to Extract Black/White Pepper Oil with Pepper Oil Extraction Machine?

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Pepper oil is extracted from high quality natural black pepper or white pepper, which has a pungent taste and is widely used. Used as a cooking ingredient, black pepper oil and white pepper oil can increase the aroma of dishes and enhance appetite, and is an indispensable spice seasoning oil in Sri Lanka, Indonesia, England, France, Holland, Portugal, and South China. 

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ABC Machinery is one professional manufactuer and supplier, offering the advanced peppeer oil extraction equipment and expertise production business design service, welcome to contact us for more detsials about black or white pepper oil production.

Why Make Pepper Oil with Pepper Oil Extraction Machine?

Pepper, including black and white, is an important raw material for spice oil, widely used in food production industry. Processed by the oil extracting machine, pepper oil is in the state of oleoresin that can be used in more fields.

  • Pepper oleoresin, which is made by fully extracting the effective products of pepper, is an important food additive, mainly used as a flavoring spice for meat, canned food, soup, sauce, beverage and spirits, and is an important bulk condiment in the international market. 

  • In medicine, pepper can be used as an antipyretic, stomachic, etc., can be used to treat indigestion, cough cold phlegm, enteritis, bronchitis, rheumatism and colds, etc., the effect of white pepper is the best. 

  • Pepper oleoresin made from extracted active ingredients of pepper is the trend of application development of pepper products.

How to Extract Pepper Oil with Subcritical Low-Temperature Pepper Oil Extraction Machine?

Unlike the principle of conventional oil pressing with high temperature and pressure, pepper oil extracting machines work on the principle of subcritical low-temperature production with multi-solvent, so that the pepper oil becomes a oleoresin state after it has been processed by pepper oil extracting  basic principle of the process is: at room temperature and certain pressure (0.3MPa-0.8MPa) with subcritical fluid counter-current extraction of black pepper embryos, and then the solvent in the mixture of oil and meal reduced pressure gasification, gasification of the solvent gas and then through the compressor compression condensation liquefaction after recycling. 

low cost pepper oil extraction rpocess flow
Pepper Oil Extraction Process Flow

The subcritical fluids used to extract black pepper oil are mainly liquefied butane and propane. The boiling points of most of the components in this solvent are below 0°C, including propane at -42.07°C and butane at -0.5°C. They are gases at room temperature and pressure and liquids after pressurization.

Pepper oil extraction machine has the advantages of low cost (comparable with No.6 solvent extraction cost, 60% lower than supercritical extraction cost) and large scale (processing 100 kg - 200 tons per day). It is widely used in the extraction of heat-sensitive materials, so that processing pepper oil with pepper oil extracting machine, the active ingredients of black or white pepper are not damaged by the temperature that can be used in the fields with no worries. If you haev any questions about black pepper oil extraction or white pepper oil production, you can contact us for free now, we are always here for you!

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Factory Price Machine to Extract Pepper Oil for Sale

As one professional spices oil extraction machine manufacturer and supplier, we have developed different scales of pepper oil extracing machine to meet the requirements of the clients. Our hot sale pepper oil processing equipment has two large part: small pepper oil extracting machine for lab or home and large scale pepper oil produciotn line for business. wehther you want to buy pepper oil mahcine in lab or for invetsment, we can meet your requirements.

hot sale pepper oil extracing equipment
Hot Sale Pepper Oil Extracting Equipment at Low Cost

The following are some spice oil extraction lines setup by us based on the different requirements from our clients. 

ABC Machinery has a provincial subcritical technology center and a national postdoctoral research station, offering the customization of subcritical biotechnology low temperature extraction machine line with a processing capacity of 5-100 tons, which can realize multi-solvent subcritical low temperature extraction. Welcome to contact us to get more information about pepper oil extraction machine.

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