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We also offer extraction processing services on given materials. The followings are some examples of our services. Don't hesitate to contact us if are interested in this service!

  Oil Extraction (edible oil, health oil, plant essential oil, animal & microbial oil): Wheat germ oil, seabuckthorn seed oil, pyrethrum oil, grape seed oil, green spines nut oil, , cocoa butter, tea seed oil, almond oil, pomegranate seed oil, pine nut oil, hazelnut oil, safflower seed oil, wolfberry seed oil, month amaranth seed oil, black currant oil, etc.

  Animal & Plant Protein Extraction

  Extraction of Natural Pigments: paprika red pigment, tomato red pigment, Lycium barbarum pigment, lithospermum pigment etc.

  The comprehensive development and utilization of Walnut: manufacturing of walnut oil, fat-free instant walnut powder, walnut milk.

  The comprehensive development and utilization of pumpkin seed seeds: Processing of pumpkin seed oil, nonfat pumpkin kernel protein milk, protein powder.

  The Purification of Erucyl Amide: The purity can reach 98.8%, which can achieve the international level.

  Plant & Flower Extractum / Extracts Production: Getting extracts from roses, clary sage, rosemary and other plants or flowers.

  Herb Extraction

  Flavor oil Extraction: Garlic oil, onion oil, cumin oil, mustard oil, ginger oil, etc.

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