Herbal Extraction

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Herbal Extraction

What is the best way to get specific and high quality extract from herbs (herbal) and plants? Find nowhere, sub-critical solvent extraction technology is the best choice. It adopts advanced extraction process and safe solvent (e.g.: butane, liquid propane, etc.) to conserve all the natural components to the utmost. Besides, the whole process is completed under low temperature or room temperature condition. There are five outstanding highlights of sub-critical solvent extraction technology in making extracts.

  • Finished extracts from herbs and plants doesn’t contains solvent residues and water, so all the extracts are natural.
  • Due to the advanced extraction process, the extract can be used in many sectors, especially in health care, medicine, food industry, etc..
  • Available for industrial production: Sub-critical solvent extraction technology makes it possible to produce extracts at large scale.
  • Compared to traditional process, it better protects the natural components, while, compared to super-critical extraction, it demands less investment, but offer premium quality extracts for wide usages.
Feel free to send us an inquire if you are interested in getting more info about sub-critical herbal extraction machine (info@bestextractionmachine.com). You are always welcomed!
Sub-critical solvent extraction technology helps to discover and enhance the benefits of plant and herb extracts for many conditions. Extracts with sub-critical solvent extraction methods is of great development values and wide application in present and future.
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