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Flax seed is a nutritious, mineral and vitamin rich superfood with the highest concentration of lignans among the foods of its category (pumpkin seed, poppy seed, sesame seed etc.) and has a long history of cultivation that dates back at least 6000 years. Flax seed is in high protein and fiber and low in carbs, which makes it suitable for ketogenic diets like Paleo and Atkins, but also for vegetarian and vegan ones thanks to its unusual nutritional profile. It is one of the few plant sources of omega 3s (in the form of ALA- alpha-linolenic acid) and helps control the serum levels of omega 6s and omega 9s which are unnecessarily high in people who follow plant based diets. In fact, vegans are advised to consume 1-2 tablespoons of flaxseed daily to maximize Omega 3s intake. Benefits of regular flax seed consumption include hormone balancing, enhanced digestion, better skin health, cholesterol control, minimizing sugar cravings as well as boosting weight loss and combatting cancer. Flaxseed contains 20% to 30% protein. This protein is bound by lysine, but is is highly digestible and bio-available, which means it is readily absorbed and used by human body.

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Common Industrial Methods of Flaxseed Protein Extraction

The common industrial method for flaxseed protein extraction includes alkali-solution and acid-isolation, aqueous enzymatic extraction and ethanol washing. These all include the sector to process material in high temperature or high pressure, which affects the finished product (flaxseed protein) in a number of ways. Let it suffice to say that that flax seed is a highly water soluble seed and that solubility becomes damaged, thus limiting the amount of protein extracted and subsequently utilized by the body. Flaxseed can't be digested on its own unless ground. It needs to be soaked in water for a number of minutes. Affecting its water solubility makes flaxseed protein in lesser quality. So what is the optimal method and equipment for flaxseed protein extraction?

Optimal Equipment for Flaxseed Protein Extraction from Flaxseed Meal

We provide advanced extraction equipment to improve the extraction of the highly bioavailable (containing all 8 essential amino acids) protein found in flax seed. Low Temperature Sub-critical Solvent Extraction Method, A newly developed green cost-effective technology, is utilized in our flaxseed protein extraction equipment. What's unique about this method is that it doesn't involve high temperature processing. It works at low or normal thermal temperatures, so this flaxseed protein extraction equipment ensures that the natural active ingredients within the flaxseed protein are fully retained and protected.

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Small Scale Flaxseed Protein Extraction Equipment

The process takes place in an air free environment, to avoid the oxidation of the materials used, and to secure the finished product is of the highest grade, just like in supercritical extraction. What is different from supercritical extraction is the amount of pressure, as our sub-critical solvent extraction equipment requires far less, while pushing the price down and enabling scale production.

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Large Scale Flaxseed Protein Extraction Equipment

It is now scientifically proven that the energy required for the evaporation of the solvent of the extracted liquor is only a mere 10% of the energy used in conventional solvent evaporation that uses steam energy, which is great for the environment. Plus, the equipment used is able to extract oil even from flax seed, which is incredibly economical. Get one fully complete set of our equipment, make flaxseed oil and flaxseed protein at the same time. Please email us for more information about our sub-critical solvent extraction equipment details and price, we are always at your sides!

Functional Properties and Uses of Flaxseed Proteinuses of flaxseed protein

Flaxseed protein powder, in brown color, is one of the best supplement for those who have desire to add more natural essential fatty acids or increase calorie consumption. It has the functional features of solubility, rheological characteristics, emulsifying capacity, and foaming and whipping ability. And, it has been used in food making industry, such as canned fish sauce, ice cream and more. Bakery products with 30% flaxseed has been proved to have the benefit of hypolipidemic. Since more and more people pursue high quality life style and eating habits, so the beneficial effect of flaxseed protein will definitely push its growth, especially in food manufacturing sectors.

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