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  Target User : Research Worker, Scientific Research Personnel, School, Research Institute, Laboratory and other similar users.

   Extract Product :

  • For oilseeds, oil and defatted protein can be extracted directly by this equipment.
  • For naturalcolours, you can get pasty Extractum or Oleoresin (you need purification equipment for after-treatment).
  • For herbal, flower and spice, you can get Extractum or Oleoresin, dewaxing device is needed additional to get final essential oil.

  Output : 5~150L per batch

  Application : This series of extraction unit is designed for scientific researching and testing.
It is not applicable to commercial production. For the ones who want to start a business, we recommend you our Industrial Extraction Equipment.


Our pilot solvent extraction equipment is specially designed for mini or small scale natural material extraction researching and testing. It is ideal for qualitative tests at the laboratory. It can be used to extract permium quality precious plant oils, essential oils, animal oils, microalgal oil, natural pigments, vegetable proteins, plant spices and more. And, it is the popular essentail oil extraction kit /unit  in the market.

5L essential oil extraction kit for mini scale low temperature solvent etxtracting
5L Extraction Unit
20L essential oil extraction unit for laboratory test
20L Extraction Unit
100L essential oil extraction kit for processing small scale solvent extracted oil
100L Extraction Equipment
150L cheap small solvent extraction unit for sale
150L Extraction Equipment


Key Technical Equipment of Extraction Unit

We provide a wide capacity range for different needs. It is classified according to the volume of extraction pot. Below is the main equipment consists of a pilot solvent extracting line.

No. Equipment Models and Key Parameter Quantity Notes
1 Volume of Extraction Pot 5L/ 20L/ 50L/ 100L/ 150L/ 200L 1 With Heating Jacket
Separation Tank 5L/ 20L/ 50L/ 100L/ 150L/ 200L 1 With Heating Jacket
3 Buffer Tank 5L/ 20L/ 50L/ 100L/ 150L/ 200L 1 With Heating Jacket
4 Condenser 1m²/ 2m²/ 5m²/ 8m²/ 10m² 1 Cool Water
5 Solvent Pot 19L/ 29L/ 59L/ 119L/ 159L 1 With Solvent Exchange Unit
6 Gauge Tank 1L/ 15L/ 45L/ 95L/ 145L 1 With Measurement Scale
7 Heater 6kw 1 Electrical Heating
8 Hot Water Tank Size:300*500*500 1 Explosion-proof heater: 5KW
9 Hot Water Pump   1 Explosion-Proof Motor:0.75KW
10 Diaphragm compressor   1 Explosion-Proof Motor:5.5KW
11 Distribution Box 400*600 1  
12 Switch Cabinet 400*500 1  

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Oil, Oleoresin, Extractum and Defatted Protein

Oil & oleoresin, extractum and defatted protein are the products you can get directly fromt he extraction machine. First of all, let's see what's the difference between oil and extractum products. For oil seeds and crops, oil products can be extracted directly by the small unit. For flower, herbal and spice, the product is pasty extractum or Oleoresin. If you want to get final essential oil, dewaxing device is needed additionaly. For pigment extraction, you can only get pasty extractum, after-treatment equipment is needed for final purification.

extracted oil product from low temperature extracting process
Oil Products
extractum products extracted form natural plant and animal
Extractum Products
high quality spice oleoresin extracted by low temperature extraction technic
mini extraction machine for extracting defatted protein powder
Defatted Protein Powder

Extracting Process of Pilot Unit

pilot solvent extracting process
Flow Chart of  Essential Solvent Extraction Kit

The pilot solvent extraction unit is the best choice for essential oil extraction testing. It adopts low temperature subcritical biological extraction technology to process raw materials. The main solvents in application are liquid propane, butane, dimethyl ether, R134a and liquid ammonia. Under room temperature (low temperature) and certain pressure, it utilizes liquefied sub-critical solvents to process raw materials through countercurrent extraction, further obtains the extract liquor (liquid phrase) and raffinate (solid phrase). The solvents in extract liquor will be separated with target composition through vaporization in the process of distilling (vaporizing), which brings the final products. Meanwhile, the solvents absorbed in the raffinate, also refers to the extracted material, will be distilled out, and the raffinate through distilling will be become another product. It’s also worth mentioning that vaporized solvents can be liquefied for recycle uses. The whole process is going under room temperature, therefore, thermosensitive substance within raw material can be better protected.

Operation Video of the Bio-extraction Equipment


Technical Features of Mini Solvent Extraction Unit

  • Advanced and careful design: it’s equipped PLC computer control and features quick-opening structure.
  • It automatically controls the ratio of material and solvent, extraction time, extraction temperature, and extraction pressure.
  • It is pretty easy to operate and offers precise data.
  • It’s widely used among scientific research institutions and colleges.
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