Special Oil Extraction

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Special Oil Extraction

Sub-critical oil extraction equipment is a pretty good choice for healthcare industry and fragrance industry to extract high-grade healthy oils and essential oils from various vegetable or plant materials.

Technical Advantages

  • High health care values and high nutritional content: Low temperature extraction process, greatly protect the active ingredients (minerals, vitamins, fatty acids) in the plant. excellent nourishing function
  • Compared with distillation method, sub-critical extracted oil is very close to the original aromatic substance in the plant, keeping the original smell. (High temperature distillation can easily destroy some of the fragile ingredient in the essential oil)
  • Compared with Supercritical Fluid Extraction, it needs small investment, low production cost and is suitable for large scale industrial production.

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  Essential oils (base oil, carrier oil) contain the true essence of the plant which are botanical liquid extracts of flower, leaves, plant stem, seeds and fruits. Essential oils are widely applied for aromatherapy, air and household freshening, as well as for cosmetic industries (perfumes, soaps, toners, lotions).

  Healthy Oils: Wheat germ oil, tea oil, pomegranate seed oil, tomato seed oil, perilla oil, etc.

  Insect Oil: Oil extraction from mealworm, Grasshopper, locust, shrimp, scorpion, silkworm chrysalis, microbe, cricket.

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