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Cocoa butter, also know as theobroma oil, is extracted from cocoa beans. It has light chocolate flavor and aroma and is a kind of edible vegetable fat. Cocoa butter is the most stable known edible oil at present. It contains natural antioxidant, so it can be stored for about two years to five years. In addition to food industry, cocoa butter is also widely used in making cosmetics and medication.
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How to Choose Cocoa Butter Extraction Machine?

Generally speaking, cocoa butter can be extracted by press/expelling machine, traditional chemical solvent extraction method, supercritical extraction equipment and sub-critical solvent extraction machine. Here, we recommend sub-critical solvent extraction machine for cocoa butter processing since it has many outstanding features.

  • Comparing to press machine, the yield rate of sub-critical solvent extraction machine is higher and the final cocoa butter is of high quality.
  • Comparing to traditional chemical solvent extraction, our sub-critical solvent extraction machine features no solvent residue, solvent recycling, wide application.
  • Comparing to supercritical extraction, sub-critical solvent extraction technology has low requirements for extraction equipments, demands low investment and can form large scale production.

In conclusion, sub-critical solvent extraction machine is the best choice for cocoa butter extraction. It is suitable for small scale cocoa butter extraction and large scale cocoa butter production. The daily capacity of our solvent machine ranges from 0.1 L to 200 Tons.

Cocoa Butter Extraction Machine

small scale mini cocoa butter extraction machine for sales
Small Mini Cocoa Butter Extraction Machine

Techinical Principle of Cocoa Butter Extraction Process

At normal temperature and certain pressures (0.3MPa-0.7MPa), pretreated cocoa beans is soaked with solvent for counter-current extraction. After the process of extraction, the mixture cocoa butter is draw out. And the solvent containing in mixture cocoa butter and extracted cocoa beans meal gasified. The crude cocoa butter and low temperature desolventizing meal are obtained. And gasified solvent is recycling after compression and condensation.

Highlights of Cocoa Butter Extraction Machine

Sub-critical solvent extraction uses sub-critical fluid as extraction solvent to extract target product. The whole extraction process is completed within sealed, oxygen-free, low pressure machines. Butane and propane are the most favorable solvents for cocoa butter extraction. They are cheap, safe and have strong dissolution ability. Our sub-critical solvent cocoa butter extraction machine features low investment, low residual oil meal. More importantly, the whole process is at low temperature condition and won’t destroy the active ingredients and protein within the cocoa beans.

Technical Data of Cocoa Butter by Sub-critical Solvent Extraction Machine

Oil Yield Relative Density Acid Value Iodine Value Preoxidation Saponification Value Dioptre
>30% 0.9241 2.25 mg KOH/g 168 g IffIOOg 1.44 meq/kg 213 mg KOH/g 13237

large scale cocoa butter extraction machine at factory price

Large Scale Cocoa Butter Extraction Machine

The cocoa butter extracted by sub-critical solvent extraction machine has special fragrance and its lustre is pure and bright. Besides, it is rich in protein and the the extraction process features low residual oil rate and the final cocoa butter contains high protein. All of these makes cocoa butter a best food addictive. Sub-critical solvent extraction is innovative method to for cocoa butter extraction. It guarantees both quality and quantity extraction. Meanwhile, the active ingredients (like protein) within the cocoa butter and the extracted meal is almost no change, which provides good basis for further development and utilization.

Since cocoa butter has trendous benefits in food, comestic, pharmaceuticals, and other sectors. Its wide application definitely push the growth of its market size. We provide the most advanced extraction machine to help you start your own cocoa butter business. It can be in small scale or in large scale. If there are any needs for our cocoa butter extraction machines or there are any questions about the extraction process, please email us directly, we will response your feedback within 24 as soon as possible!

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