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Efamol Evening Primrose Oil Benefits & Uses

Efamol evening primrose oil is extracted from seeds of evening primrose plant (such as, oenothera biennis L. and onagraceae). It is a very useful supplement to the diet due to its numerous health benefits. It is used in the treatment of cardiovascular ailments, hypertension, bone related problems, such as osteoporosis and arthritis, skin issues, such as eczema and psoriasis amongst other health problems. Naturalists believe it is helpful in managing cancer as well. More researches are being carried out to substantiate these findings.

evening primrose oil uses and benefits

Evening Primrose Oil Uses

The secret behind the benefits of efamol evening primrose oil is its high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids. Although it has only 9% Gamma-Linoleic Acid (GLA), the value is better than most plants that contain none. The polyunsaturated fatty acids make this oil a good antioxidant and anti-inflammatory supplement. This is especially important for those with arthritis and cardiovascular diseases. Its antioxidant is great for good skin and detoxifying the body. Therefore, evening primrose oil is definitely a plus in all medicine cabinets. Besides, evening primrose oil is also an important dietary source in food industry and ingredients for soaps and cosmetics in manufacturing industry.

Evening Primrose Oil Extraction Method

GLA, a highly volatile substance, is very sensitive to oxidation when exposed to the air, which means that the method by which the evening primrose oil is processed can substantially alter its biological activity as well as its stability. ABC Machinery has invented a unique yet gentle extraction procedure specially for evening primrose oil extraction, called Low Temperature Sub-critical Solvent Extraction. This extraction method prevents any change of the condition between extracted evening primrose oil and the original substance found in the evening primrose seed. In a word, this method can perfectly protect the natural components of evening primrose oil and make it a pure, premium quality extract.

advanced method and equipment to extract evening primrose oil

Evening Primrose Oil Extraction Equipment for Sub-critical Solvent Extraction Method

Lots of other evening primrose oils are obtained through “cold-pressing” extraction method which requires to press the evening primrose plant seeds by high pressure. In fact, this process is exclusively suitable for materials containing between 40-50 percent oil. Otherwise, it has a negative outcome if used on materials with moderate oil percentage amount of between 20–25 percent, just like the evening primrose. Although the raw material is not heated for squeezing, but the oil from compression is at around 150°C, which is very “unhealthy”. In other words, the quality of oil obtained by this method is very poor and worsens with exposure to air. What's worse, most oils must be processed being used means, which deprived off some of its minor yet valuable components, at the same time, increase the risk of oxidation. ABC Machinery's unique extraction method maintains more than just the authenticity of the evening primrose oil. The end product, Efamol Pure Evening Primrose Oil, comes with four times as many antioxidants (such as phospholipids, vitamin E, and sterols) compared to refined and pressed alternatives.

Detailed Process of Evening Primrose Oil Extraction

Our Low Temperature Sub-critical Solvent Extraction Method adopts solvent to extract evening primrose oil under the condition of low temperature and pressure. As a result, the whole process won't cause any damages for its natural components.

Technical Principle Extraction Process Extraction Pressure Extraction Temperature
similar substance is more likely to be dissolved by each other counter-current extraction 0.3MPa -1.0MPa room temperature

Technical features of our evening primrose oil extraction method

  • Strong ability to against oxidization
  • No thermotropy of heat-sensitive of the evening primrose oil and meal
  • Less solvent consumption and solvent is recycling
  • Energy-saving, less investment and can be form large scale production
Evening primrose oil market is estimated to reach up to $ 71 Million by 2019. Choose the best method for evening primrose oil extraction can better help you to take up the market share quickly. If you have any questions about our advanced solvent extraction method, please email us for more details. We always stay focus on your needs!
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