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Subcritical Extraction is an advanced extracting technology deals with low temperature extraction which is a kind of fluid extraction process. A special patented solvent is used. Under normal pressure, it is in the form of gas. In pressure condition, its state exists in liquid state. When subcritical pressure condition is used, diffusion process critically made to work. Dissolving as well as transfer rate will work best under this pressurized condition. This is a technology that uses low temperature, natural products and a fully guaranteed protection.

mini flax seed oil extraction machine for laboratory
5L Extraction Unit
small oil extraction unit for manufacturing high quality flaxseed oil
20L Extraction Unit
equipment for making small scale linseed oil
100L Extraction Machine
flax seeds / linseeds oil producing machine
150L Extraction Machine

As the same with supercritical extraction, this process takes off by cutting the entire process from air. This is with the aim of avoiding oxidation reactions of the materials which are used. This also helps in getting high quality oil products. The extraction pressure is much lower than the well-known supercritical extraction, thus overcomes the production limitation of supercritical extraction, and the equipment cost is also much lower . This is a suitable equipment to use for industrial scale production.

small falx seed oil extraction process subcritical

If you are planning to start a business in manufacturing flaxseed oil or other kinds of flaxseed extracts including flaxseed protein, linseed gum and lignan, our subcritical extraction machine is definitely what you are looking for! Feel free to contact us for equipment cost and other information.

Facts of Linseed Oil Production

Linseed, also known as flaxseed, is the seed of herb flax, which is originated in the Mediterranean. Flaxseed is one of China’s Five Major Oil Crops. In China, flax seed yield of about 500,000 tons, the area and total output is second only to Canada, ranking second in the world. With the development of society and the deepening of scientific research, the nutrition and health function of flaxseed is getting more and more attentions.

flaxseed oil and residual meals of high protein
Flax Seeds (left), Organic Flax Seed Meals of High Protein (right)

Flax seed contains a lot of alpha linolenic acid, linoleic acid, flaxseed gum, lignans, etc. It is plays an important role in preventing cardiovascular disease, diabetes and hardening of the arteries, reducing the incidence of cancer. It also can help lower cholesterol and promote growth. All these advantages give flax seed an extremely promising future in development of food and drug resources.

Market of Flax Seed Oil

The oil content of flax seed is over 35%. Flaxseed oil is rich in alpha-linolenic acid. Actually, it is identified with 13 kinds of fatty acids including 4 kinds of saturated fatty acid and 9 kinds of unsaturated fatty acid ( linolenic acid 49.05%, oleic acid 22.34%, linoleic acid 13.73% ).

world market of flax seed oil production

Notes: The alpha-linolenic acid in soybean oil was 7.8%, and the alpha-linic acid in peanut oil was 1.5%, and the alpha-linolenic acid in rice bran was only 1.1%.

Deep Sea Fish Oil Vs. Flax Seed Oil

flaxseed oil vs fish oilIn global market, deep sea fish oil has always being the main supplements of n-3 fatty acid. But long-term use of fish oil has the risk of Vitamin A and vitamin D poisoning, vitamin E intake imbalance and high cholesterol. Besides, the sea resources reducing and the fish oil price keeps rising. Fish oil is getting difficult to accepted by consumers.
The main sources of n-3 fatty acids is alpha linolenic acid. So developing flax seed oil which is rich in alpha linolenic acid, sufficient in resources, and low in price is definitely a promising project with great economic value.

Other Kinds of Flaxseed Extracts

Except oil products, there are also other kinds of extracts processed from flax seeds, such as flax gum, lignans and flax protein.

  • Flaxseed Gum

flaxseed gumFlaxseed gum, also known as Flaxseedgum is a new type of natural plant colloid extracted from flaxseed. It exists in the flaxseed shell with the content of 10~15%. Flax gum is one of the best source of soluble dietary fiber. As a good alternative of pectin, agar, Arabic gum and seaweed glue, flaxseed gum can also be used as thickening agent, adhesive, stabilizer, emulsifier and foaming agent in the food processing industry.

  • Lignans

Lignans is a kind of phytoestrogen. Lignans are widely existed in plant and foods, especially whole grains and beans. Flaxseed has the highest content of lignans (0.7% ~ 2%), which is 75 ~ 800 times higher than other food. Lignans helps inhibiting estrogen and tumor proliferation. It has a therapeutic effect on hyperlipidemia and acute coronary heart disease, and also has the oxidation resistance and anti-aging effect.

As a result, the extract of flaxseed is worth investing! If you are planing to start your own linseed / flax seed oil manufacturing business and feel interested in our products, don't hesitate to contact us for detailed quotation!

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