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Herbal oils, also known as plant oils, have been in use for the longest time. People use them on the hair and body, add them to the food dishes and even take it as an important medical ingredient. However, do you know where they come from and what compounds make them so useful and beneficial? Actually, herbal oils are generally extracted from the fruits, bark, seeds, leaves, roots and flowers of plants. Herbal oil contains many wonderful components, such as fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins, carotenoids, phytostrols and more, which gives them the unique characteristics of being fat soluble (liposoluble). It’s important to note that the components and quality of herbal oils are mainly determined by the raw materials (herbal sources) and the manufacturing process and techniques. Herbal oils are beneficial for human and knowing how to make them will provide you the best way to handle them.

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Herbal Oil Extractor – Leading Extraction Machinery for Herbal Oil Processing

Our herbal oil extractor is the industry leading extraction machinery for herbal oil processing. It adopts advanced extraction technology, Low Temperature Sub-critical Solvent Extraction Method, for highest quality of final herbal oils. Different from traditional solvent extraction methods, this sub-critical solvent extraction technology is free from high temperature and pressure extraction, which greatly prevent damages for the natural components of herbal sources. And there are no solvent residues, which eliminates pollutions. Besides, the solvents within the whole extraction system is recycling, which, on the other hand, saves the cost of herbal oil production.

Flow Chart of Herbal Oils Extraction

Principle of Sub-critical Solvent Extractor – Herbal Oils

Liquefied sub-critical solvents (usually propane and butane) are used to treat the raw material (herbal sources, such as roots, flowers, bark, leaves and more) under normal temperature and a particular pressure. This process is known as counter-current extraction. And the extracted meal is discharged from the extractor. Extraction fluid experiences vacuum evaporation at normal or low temperature, which ultimately results in solvent gasification. The gasified solvent is then separated and the end product is obtained through desolventizing process. The gasified solvent is again condensed or liquefied for a fresh recycling session. The biggest highlights of our herbal oil extraction method is that all processes are accomplished at normal temperature and pressures, which ensures there is no damages to the thermal sensitivity of herbal oils. This forms the basis of the herbal oils extraction methods by utilizing sub-critical solvent extraction technology.
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Advantages of Sub-critical Solvent Extraction Machinery

There are several benefits of the sub-critical solvent extraction for herbal oils

  • Natural active ingredient in herbal oils are fully retained and protectedThe absence of air during the extraction process protects different ingredients from undergoing oxidation reaction and helps produce high-quality oil, equivalent to the product in supercritical extraction method
  • Low investment requirements: since the pressure maintained in the herbal oil extractor and other extraction equipment is much lower than that used in supercritical extraction, the price of our sub-critical solvent extraction machinery is lower and also makes it worthwhile for in small and large scale herbal oil production
  • It can be widely used to extract oils from a very wide range of herbs and plant

Our herbal oil extractor is designed and developed to accent today's lifestyles for natural benefits. ABC Machinery is an industry leader in the sub-critical solvent extraction field, developing innovative and efficient extraction machinery and equipment for herbal extracts industry. When you purchase our extraction machinery, you are guaranteed with quality and innovative product. You can count on our professional design and service team with all aspects of technique supports, from installation to service and more. Get your own oil extractor and make money from herbal extract industry. For any question or information on the herbal oil extractor and our patented sub-critical solvent extraction technology, feel free to contact us directly!

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