Advanced Low Temperature Sesame Oil Extraction Technology

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Sesame seed oil, commonly known as sesame oil, is one of the oldest oil varieties. At present, there are mainly four kinds of sesame oil on sale in the market, which are produced by different sesame oil processing technology.

  • Dark Toasted Sesame Oil
  • Toasted Sesame Oil
  • Cold Pressed Sesame Oil
  • Light Sesame Oil

Sesame Oil Extracted by Different Technology
Sesame Oil Extracted by Different Technology

Sesame oil contains special bioactive substances sesamin, sesame phenol, and rich in nutrients, such as fat-soluble vitamins A, E. The sesamin content of sesame oil is up to 0.6 ~ 1.0%, which has anti-aging, anti-tumor, cardiovascular disease prevention function, enhancing immune ability and so on, effectively prevent pregnancy spots, age spots and other spots, make the skin healthy luster. Sesame oil has the effect of hair moisturizing, long-term consumption, can make the hair black soft embellish and full of luster.

Sesame oil is popular in Asia regions, like Thailand, China, Korea, and more. It is also profitable to invest in sesame oil manufacturing business if you can find out the most efficient oil extraction process and corresponding equipment.

Latest Advanced Sesame Oil Extraction Technology

In 2012, ABC Machinery carried out subcritical extraction pilot test and batch production test on sesame seed and sesame oil residue. We extracted 25% of the oil contained in sesame residue to obtain oil with flavor of sesame oil milling, and residue oil of dregs reached 1.5%.

Mini Sesame Oil Extraction Machine
Mini Sesame Oil Extraction Machine

In 2014, the technological conditions for subcritical butane extraction of sesame seeds were studied in depth, and the optimal technological conditions were as follows:

  • 6 times of extraction
  • a single extraction time of 30 min
  • extraction temperature of 50 ℃
  • the ratio of material to solution of 1:4 (W/V)

Under these conditions, the oil extraction rates of sesame seeds and peeled sesame seeds were 95.6 % and 95.3% respectively, which is now the most efficient oil extraction technology for sesame oil. If you want to know the TEST REPORT of our sesame oil extraction technology, please contact us without any hesitation!

Buy Low Temperature Oil Extraction Machine for Sesame Oil
Buy Low Temperature Oil Extraction Machine for Sesame Oil

how to start your own production line with best business plan

Applications of Low Temperature Sub-critical Oil Extraction Technology

The patented sub-critical low temperature oil extraction technology can be widely used to extraction oil from various raw materials, like wheat germ oil, soybean germ oil, cocoa butter, evening primrose oil, rosehip oil, herbal oil, cinnamon oil, cardamom oil, etc. It is very suitable for high-end vegetable oil production.

New Oil Extraction Technology for Various Oils
New Oil Extraction Technology for Various Oils

If you are not suitable the oil extracting effect of your raw materials, you can send it to us, we provide testing service to help you get the overview of your expected oil production business. Any questions, please contact us anytime!

Lab-scale Sesame Oil Extraction Equipment for Sales

Low temperature sesame oil extraction technology – buy high quality oil extraction machine for sesame oil making: HOT sale sesame oil extraction machine offered by sub-critical low temperature oil processing machine manufacturer or supplier, guide on the process of sesam oil production and how to start sesame oil manufacturing business with limited cost in Tanzania, Egypt, Morocco, Ghana, South Korea, etc.

Setup Your Own Sesame Oil Extraction Plant by Sub-critical Technology

Sesame oil has huge demand around the world, many people desire to establish their own oil extraction plant for sesame oil and are looking for the BEST sesame oil extraction technology for their business.

Setup Sesame Oil Extraction Plant
Setup Sesame Oil Extraction Plant

The sub-critical low temperature sesame oil extraction technology can achieve low temperature oil production process and retain the valuable ingredient contained in the sesame seeds. More importantly, it can be applied in all scale oil extraction plant, from mini scale to large scale. However, since it adopts the new technology and its equipment is built with stainless steel, so the cost to set up a sesame oil extraction plant by sub-critical low temperature technology will be a little bit higher than other sesame oil extraction methods.

Any questions, please contact us directly to get technical supports!

World Sesame Oil Production

Country Sultan Burma India Nigeria Tanzania China Ethiopia
Output (T) 981,000 768,858 746,000 572,761 561,103 433,386 301,302

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