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Wheat Germ Processing Technology

Wheat germ is a by-product of wheat flour production. Due to its high content of biological enzymes and oil, entering into flour milling production will affect the production efficiency and the shelf life of final wheat flour, larger flour mills adopt the production process of embryo extraction to separate this by-product. Wheat germ from flour factory has been pressed into thin slices, and the tissue structure has been damaged. The oil contained in the wheat germ will be decomposed quickly under the action of biological enzyme and water. High acid value will make wheat germ lose its processing value. Especially in hot summer, the shelf life of pressed wheat germ is calculated in hours. (Read more about wheat germ oil extraction method >>)

Low Temperature Subcritical Extraction of Wheat Germ Oil

wheat germ oil extraction machine for sale
Small Set of Wheat Germ Oil Extraction Machine for Sale

ABC Machinery is an early enterprise to design and manufacture low temperature wheat germ oil extraction machine based on subcritical extraction technology. Subcritical oil extraction process has strong selective extraction ability for phytosterol and vitamin E. The content of phytosterol in crude wheat germ oil extracted by subcritical butane solvent extraction machine can reach 3%(30000PPM), and the content of full-price natural vitamin E can reach 0.2% (2000PPM), both of which are the highest oils in the edible oil market at present. Besides, the octadecanol contained in the cold extracted wheat germ oil also help to improve the human body energy. 

Get High Value of Defatted Wheat Germ By-product

The wheat germ meal after oil extraction is called defatted wheat germ or full-fat wheat germ, which has high protein content of 29%, and basically has no thermal denaturation. It is high quality raw materials for food production industry. The defatted wheat germ flour / powder or flakes has also has a large market demand.  (Related Post: Defatted wheat germ flour production plant >>)

Global Market of Wheat Germ Oil Extraction

The Global Market has a Large Demand for Wheat Germ Oil!

extracted wheat germ oil
High-end Wheat Germ Oil Products

  • As Health Care Oil Product

The oil content of pure wheat germ is 9%~10%. However in most cases, wheat germ contains a certain amount of bran, which can affected the oil yield, generally 6%~8%. Wheat germ oil has a bright yellow color, fragrance smell, and a certain viscosity. Wheat germ oil concentrates the nutritional essence of wheat, and is rich in linoleic acid, linolenic acid, especially the active components such as phytosterol, vitamin E, and docosahexanol, which have high nutritional value. Due to the lack of resources and the difficulty in processing, wheat germ oil is generally processed into soft capsules to be sold as health care products in the market. Maybe you are also interested in eucalyptus oil extraction process.

  • As Skin Health Care Product

Wheat germ oil is widely applied on skin health care. It is easy to be absorbed by the skin, used as the base oil of compound essential oil in cosmetics industry and compound rose essential oil production, etc. Therefore, the international cosmetics market has a large demand for wheat germ oil.

The Main Fatty Acid Composition of Wheat Germ Oil

Fatty Acid Species Content %
Palmitic acid 14~18
Stearic acid 0.5~2.0
Oleic acid 12~23.0
Linoleic acid 52~65
Linolenic acid 5.0~10.0

As can be seen from the above table, linoleic acid content of essential fatty acids of human body accounts for more than 50% of total fatty acids of wheat germ oil, even up to 65%. And the linolenic acid content can reach up to 10%.

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