Processing Herbal Oleoresins in Herbal Oleoresin Extraction Plant

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Nowadays, Herbal oleoresins are starting to come into the limelight, more and more people are learning about herbal oleoresin extraction plant. Today we are going to look at what herbal oleoresin extraction lines are really all about!

Cost-Effective Herbal Oleoresins Extraction Plant

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How Does The Herbal Oleoresin Extraction Plant Work?

Generally speaking, based on the technology of subcritical extraction, before the herbal is extracted in the herbal oleoresin extraction project, the raw materials to be extracted should be through the pre-treatment. After that, a mixture of solvent and extract is collected in a solution tank, from where it is sent for distillation to recover the extract. To recover the solvent, the residue produced from the continuous/batch extractor is sent to a dryer for desolventization.

For extracting herbal oleoresin, it is divided into two types of processes:

  • Direct extraction of active ingredients in some herbal medicines: diosgenin, eicosanoid, cyanogenin, serpentine, schisanin, syringic acid and other Chinese herbal ingredients.

  • Indirect extraction process: the first part of the process of removing the oil of Chinese herbal medicines non-active ingredients, after the low-temperature extraction of oil of Chinese herbal medicines, easy to crush and granulation, the latter part of the process using ethyl acetate, ethanol and other solvents to extract flavonoids, alkaloids and other active ingredients more easily, to improve the rate of active ingredients. For example, anise extracts anise oil and then alcohol extracts mangiferous acid; bitter almond extracts almond oil and then alcohol extracts bitter chalcogenide; Gana seeds extracts oil and then alcohol extracts pentahydroxytryptophan; green coffee beans extracts oil and then alcohol extracts chlorogenic acid, etc.

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Reliable Herbal Oleoresin Extraction Plant for Sale

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Features of Herbal Oleoresin Extraction Plant

  • It can be operated continuously, improving the production efficiency, reducing the energy cost.
  • With subcritical technology used in this herbal oleoresin extraction plant, the oil residue ratio of finally produced herbal oleoresin is low.
  • In this plant, the solvent will be recycled for using in next extraction, thus the loss of solvent is low.
  • With complete production process, you have no worries about the purity of the produced herbal
  • This herbal oleoresin extraction plant is equipped with automatic feeding function, saving the operation cost.

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Successfully Setup Herbal Oleoresin Extraction Projects

Project name Project location
2TPD Ganoderma lucidum spores oil extraction plant Nanjing, China
50TPD organic camellia seed oil production line China
20ton grape seed oil extraction machine Hebei, China

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