How to Obtain Defatted Almond Protein by Low Temperature Process?

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Almond, the seed of rose division apricot, is divided into sweet almond and bitter almond, basically contain protein, oil, candy, microscopical bitter amygdalin. The composition of almond oil is mainly oleic acid and linoleic acid. Almond contains up to 20% protein, does not contain starch. As we all know, protein is an important component of all cells and tissues in the human body. Protein is involved in all important parts of the body. Generally speaking, protein accounts for about 18% of the total body mass, and most importantly, it is related to life phenomena. Defatted protein can effectively prevent heat attacks and other diseases caused by the the circulatory system of the heart.

defatted almond protein

Almond protein is valued protein for human body and defatted almond protein is especially for human to prevent many diseases. And now there are rarely methods to extract the almond protein and the defatted almond protein. However, the newly developed low temperature subcritical extraction technology is the now the cost effective method to produce defatted almond protein and completely retain all the active ingredients contained in the almond protein without damaging any. (Recent post: How is Almond Oil Extracted >>)

How to Produce Defatted Almond Protein by Sub-critical Extraction Technology

The production of defatted almond protein by sub-critical extraction technology adopts low temperature to separate the protein from the raw materials and remove the fats without damaging the active ingredients. The whole process mainly includes extraction section, desolventizing section and miscella evaporation section. The main equipment for the defatted almond protein production mainly includes extraction pot, solvent pot, desolventizing pot, evaporating pot, condenser and compressor.  (Read more about Mini Solvent Extraction Plant >>)

subcrtical low temperature defatted almond protein production equipment
Lab Scale Protein Production Equipment (Low Temperature)

Why Choose Sub-critical Extraction Technology for Defatted Almond Protein Production?

  • Low temperature desolventizing (less than 40 ℃) doesn’t undermine heat-sensitive substances, which can ensure the quality and origin of the almond protein
  • Low solvent consumption lower the production cost, 4-8kg solvent consumption per ton of raw materials
  • Do not need to steam, 90 ℃ hot water only can, relative number six solvent, heat energy can be saved 70%;
  • No pollution in the production process ensures an environmental protection project
  • Compared to other extraction technology, it requires small investment and low production cost
  • Suitable for all scales defatted almond production plants.

ABC Machinery is Chinese leading manufacturer and supplier of precious oil extraction, protein production equipment and technology. Our patented sub-critical low temperature extraction technology is the cost effective method for essential oils, proteins and pigment extraction, including almond oil, eucalyptus oil, sandalwood oil, cinnamon oil, wheat germ oil, pea protein and more. If you have any interest in this new technology, please contact us for more information!

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