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Mealworm Protein Content

The mealworm, commonly known as the "yellow mealworm", is attached to the coleopteran, tenebrio molitor in the taxonomy of insects. It has the features of high growth rate and high reproduction coefficient. Its main food is wheat bran, crop straw, bran powder, vegetables and fruit processing waste, etc. mealworms are rich in nutrients. The protein content of mealworm is the highest among all kinds of living animal protein. So, mealworm protein has high value in development. As a new nutrient source, the mealworm body is a treasure. By measurement, the dried mealworm after processing has as high as 56.7% protein content, 29.9% fat content, chitin content 5%, up to 17 kinds of amino acids. It is worth noting that there are 8 kinds of amino acids is necessary for human body, but human can’t synthesize by itself. And these 8 kinds of amino acids, with required mode ratio close to human body, is easy to be absorbed by human body. Each hectogram dried mealworm contains up to 947.91 mg of free amino acid. And the unsaturated fatty acid in fat content is as high as 75.1%. The linoleic acid, linolenic, acid carbon olefin acid content, which is beneficial to cancer, body free radicals removal and anti-aging, is up to 36%. In conclusion, mealworm is an excellent raw material to produce nutritional products.
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In addition, mealworm contains various trace elements and various minerals. It is rare to have so many nutrients in the same organism, which makes mealworm an important source of industrial materials. The processing of mealworm can extract oil, protein and chitin. And mealworm protein can be used to extract amino acids, antimicrobial peptides, enzymes and other nutrients and industrial compounds. Mealworm protein is also important material for pharmaceutical industry. The oil extracted from mealworm is upscale material for health food and chemical industry. Refined oil can be used as modifier for the oil use of transformer, precision instrument, etc. And, refined oil is also important material for cosmetics. Chitin is widely used in medicine, chemical industry, food, light industry, environmental protection and other sectors. Besides, the mealworm faeces can be used as fodder additives or raw materials for biological organic fertilizer.

Mealworm Protein Processing Equipment

Based on the latest development of natural product processing equipment, our company design a set of processing equipment that makes full use of the advantage of sub-critical fluid extraction technology and ultrasonic technology to extract natural components from natural products. It is the leading extraction equipment for mealworm protein processing. Through our mealworm protein processing equipment, the mealworm can be extracted ultramicro mealworm protein. (See more at Protein Extraction Process)

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Mealworm Protein Processing Equipment (0.1 ton ~200 tons per day)

Mealworm Protein Extracted by Our Processing Equipment

The average particle size of meal protein extracted by our processinge equipment is 5 microns, equivalent to 2500 mesh. The grain of micro particles of specific surface area increases, the surface can be increased, the particle on the surface of the molecular arrangement, charge distribution, electron energy also has obvious changes, forming the unique physical and chemical properties, such as good dispersion, adsorption, solubility and chemical activity, taste particularly exquisite and smooth, in favor of the digestion and absorption for the human body, so ultromicro mealworm protein is the ideal nutrition for infants, the elderly and frail patients. This protein powder can be made into high quality biological health products such as antimicrobial peptides and amino acids. It can also be used as an important base material for pharmaceutical industry. Through further processing, this protein can be made as high grade biological health care products and basic raw material for medical industry.

It is also important to note that our mealworm protein processing equipment is multi-functional extraction machinery due to the sub-critical fluid extraction technology. In addition to protein, it can be used to extract oil and chitin from mealworm, which achieve the maximum of comprehensive utilization of mealworm.

Technical Features of Mealworm Protein Processing Equipment

  • Normal temperature extraction and low temperature desolventizing protect heat-sensitive within protein from damaging. Ideal protein processing technology for protein, oil, natural color and pigment extraction.
  • Low solvent consumption. The processing of one ton raw material use less than 8kg solvent
  • No need for steam during the whole processing, only use 90 ℃ hot water. Comparing to #6 solvent, the complete processing equipment can save up to 70% heat energy.
  • Environmental-friendly extraction process ensure no pollution
  • Low investment and Low production cost (comparing to carbon dioxide extraction equipment)
  • Low equipment pressure ensure high safety (working pressure 0.3-0.7 MPa)
  • Large processing capacity. The daily capacity of mealworm protein processing equipment ranges from 0.1 ton ~ 200 tons.
We are the best protein processing equipment supplier. In addition to animal protein processing, we also provide high grape machinery for plant protein, such as pea protein processing and hemp protein production. If you also interested in these products, please contact us for more information details!

Market Value to Process Mealworm

Market Analysis of Ultromicro Mealworm Protein

mealworm has rich protein and fatUltromicro mealworm protein powder is an active protein that is obtained when mealworm is extracted oil. The protein content of ultromicro mealworm protein powder is up to 82%. Because of the low temperature processing method, the protein powder is rich in 17 kinds of amino acids, antibacterial peptides, enzymes and other active nutrients, which can be eaten as a high grade health nutrition.

The strategic direction of the development of food industry in the 21st century is to promote the development of nutritionally functional foods, especially the nutrition and health functions of food. The nutrition and function combination, through modern science and technology, like separation, extraction, restructuring, to research and develop functional food that is for disease prevention, disease rehabilitation, immune function enhancement, auxiliary curative effect. Ultromicro mealworm protein series products are the ideal biological nutrition products with obvious effect. For patients with liver disease, obesity, diabetes, as well as the rehabilitation, the group of chronic patients, sick, ultromicro mealworm protein food products will be the best choice food. It has a high return on profits and a short payback period if you can timely seize the opportunity, it will soon capture the home and abroad markets.

Market Analysis of Mealworm Oil

The fat content of dried mealworm is up to 29.9%. Using sub-critical extraction technology to extract oil from dried mealworm. Through low temperature extraction and rectification, the oil extracted mealworm is of high quality and has many benefits.

Therefore, oil extracted from mealworm through our sub-critical extraction equipment is great material for health food, cosmetics, additives, industrial oils, aerospace oil.

Market Analysis of Mealworm Chitin

Different from ordinary nutrition, chitin has many beneficial functions, including immune strengthening, anti-aging, preventing disease, regulating physiological functions and more. The research and development of chitin has become the world's most important technology and lucrative new industry. Some developed countries are rushing to invest heavily in research and development. The Japanese government has allocated $5 billion to start the system development of chitin from 13 universities around the country, and has made great achievements in basic research and application development. Currently, chitin is the only functional food that the Japanese government allows to publicize curative effects. In 1996, the FDA and EC approved the approval of sales in the United States and European areas. The research and development of chitin and its commercial products have become a global competitive trend and will continue to develop rapidly.

  1. It contains very high unsaturated fatty acid, up to 75%, far more than deep see fish oils.
  2. It is very helpful material for anti-aging, human body free radicals removal and immunocompetence enhancement.
  3. Ideal antifreeze agent and lubricating agent under low temperature environment.
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