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soybean protein processing business planSoy protein powder is a kind of vegetable protein of superior quality. With high nutritional value and good functional characteristics, soy protein powder has been widely used in food industry. Soy meal by defatted at low temperature is the main raw material to extract soy protein powder. In industry, soy protein production mainly adopts hexane extraction method. But the high temperature desolventizing and n-hexane toxicity in this process trigger people to seek alternatives for better production.

New technology for soy protein powder processing

Sub-critical solvent extraction is a newly-developing extraction and separation technology. The biggest advantage is low temperature extraction process. And, it can choose the most suitable solvents based on different properties to get objective products. And cosolvent is also available for sub-critical solvent extraction technology. Therefore, It is of great practical significance to exert the advantages of sub-critical solvent extraction technology and promote the rapid development of soybean protein processing industry.

soy protein extraction machine for separating soybean protein
Small Scale Protein Extraction Equipment

Technical features of soy protein powder production

The production of soy protein powder using sub-critical solvent extraction technology has many outstanding features.

  • The protein and phospholipids content of soy meal processed by sub-critical solvent extraction technology is high while the total amount of residual polar lipid is low.
  • The protein isolate lipid of soy meal processed by sub-critical solvent extraction technology is high, the emulsibility is good and the stability is good.
  • Proper use of cosolvent during the production process can improve the quality, color and emulsibility of soy protein.
  • The purity and recovery of protein extracted from soy meal by sub-critical solvent extraction technology is higher than any other high-temperature denatured soy meal.
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