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Fish oil is a kind oil extracted from fatty fish oil. It is rich in highly unsaturated n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA), like docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), which have health benefits for human body, such as anti-inflammatory, regulating blood lipid. Therefore, an increasing number of people are likely to choose foods with these fatty acids, which promotes the production of fish oil and PUFA concentrates.
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Methods for Fish Oil Extraction

At present, the extraction methods for fish oil mainly includes pressing method, cooking method, traditional solvent method, supercritical CO2 method and subcritical solvent extraction method. However, which method is environment-friendly? Which method has higher yield? Which method causes minimum degradation for nutrients and active components? Below simply introduce the pros and cons of each method for fish oil extraction.

Fish Oil Extraction Methods Pros Cons
  • low investment
  • simple extraction process
  • low extraction rate
  • a big loss of raw material
  • unsuitable for scale production
  • simple and small investment extraction equipment
  • low quality fish oil
  • can’t extraction the fat composition that can be combined with the protein
Traditional Solvent
  • low investment cost
  • suitable for small or large scale fish oil production
  • high solvent residues
  • easy to pollute
Supercritical Extraction
  • high quality fish oil
  • highest investment cost
  • highest requirements for extraction equipment
  • only suitable for small scale fish oil processing
Sub-critical Biological Extraction
  • largely extract the active components within fishes
  • energy-saving extraction process
  • lower investment cost
  • high quality fish oil
  • suitable for small or large scale oil production
  • newly emerging technology for fish oil

In conclusion, the sub-critical biological extraction method is the most suitable process for fish oil extraction. It has many outstanding features compared to traditional extraction methods and super-critical extraction process. (See More Oil Extraction at Solvent Extraction Unit)

  • Extraction equipment is simple and user-friendly
  • Extraction process is highly efficient, full automated, low energy consumption
  • The extracted products are of premium quality and solvent-free
  • The extraction solvent is recycling, saving energy and operation cost
  • Suitable for wide range of natural active ingredients extraction
  • Completely protect and preserve the heat-sensitive components in oils and mealsAvailable for large scale production

Fish Oil Extraction Machine

best fish oil extraction machines - extraction potWe are offering high quality Fish Oil Extraction Machine for oil plants. Equipped with advanced Sub-critical Low Temperature Biological Extraction Technology, our fish oil extraction equipment offers exceptional extraction capacity and excellent operational results. Plus, the counter-current extraction and recycling of solvent greatly decreases the operation cost and energy consumption. More importantly, the protein, EPA, DHA and omega-3 in the fish oils are well preserved.  (You may also interested in Spice Oils & Oleoresins Extraction Machine)

Main Fish Oil Extraction Machine List

The main equipment within a complete set of fish oil extraction plant includes extraction pot, vacuum pump, separation tank, solvent tank, solvent holding tank, condenser, compressor, etc.. Please find more at Oil & Oleoresin Extraction Plant

Extraction Pot – Counter-current Extraction
Vacuump Pump – Vent Gas
Solvent Tank – Store Fresh Solvent
Solvent Holding Tank – Store Extraction Mixture for  Counter-current Extraction
Compressor – Compress Solvent

Sub-critical Biological Extraction Process for Fish Oil

fish oil extraction process

Fish Oil Extraction Process

We supply superior quality fish oil extraction machine and advanced fish oil extraction process for small or large scale fish oil production. Below is the detailed process of fish oil extraction by using sub-critical low temperature biological extraction technology. If you have any interests in our products and processes, please contact us for more information!

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