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high quality lavender essential oilLavender oil is also known scientifically as Lavandula angustifolia. It is an essential oil. Lavender is an aromatic shrub used in medicine, food, and fragrance. The main producers of lavender essential oil industry are Australia and New Zeal-and. The demand of lavender essential oil in the food and fragrance industries keeps increasing every year.  The lavender essential oil is extracted from lavender plants by distillation method, pressing method and other. But which is the best method for lavender oil extracting? How to choose an ideal equipment for the extraction of lavender essential oil?

Multi-functional Lavender Essential Oil Equipment for Sales

ABC Machinery is a top manufacturer of essential oil extractor machine in China. Different from traditional distillation equipment, the latest lavender oil extraction equipment adopts advanced subcrtical low temperature biological extraction technology to process the raw material, ensuring premium quality final lavender oil and least cost. Detailed parameters and models for essential oil extraction equipment, please see the Oil Extraction Unit>>

best lavender essential oil extracting machine for sales

Lavender Oil Extraction Equipment (Capacity: 20L)

How our lavender oil extracting equipment can ensure high quality final essential oil and high extraction efficiency? The whole extraction process is free from high temperature and high pressure, so it can’t destroy the active ingredients contained in the natural materials. But how it extract oil from the raw materials without high temperature distillation or high pressing? This lavender flowers after harvested to the factory will be pretreated with professional equipment for best extraction results. But, the pretreatment process is simple and easy. Then, pretreated lavender will be fed into an airtight extraction tank to soak with subcritical solvent. After highly efficient counter-current extraction, the oil will be extracted from the raw material and mixed with solvent. After desolventizing and evaporating process, lavender essential oil is separated from the solvent. That’s what the lavender essential oil is extracted. The biggest advantages to use this method for lavender essential oil is because of the general extraction temperature is no more than 40°C and the pressure is between 0.3 MPa ~ 1.0 MPa. Therefore, the whole extracting machine can better protect the final lavender essential oil from damages of extraction process. We have already applied this advanced low temperature extraction method for eucalyptus oil extraction machine, as well as herbal extraction machine.

Uses of Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender essential oil is of high medicinal value since it kills bacteria in cuts, stops a nose bleed, cures dry or chapped skin, can be used as an antiseptic, heals dandruffs when combined with coconut oil can cure dermatitis and can also be used on minor burns to prevent swelling or pain. Lavender oil, odorous, can be used as a sedative for those with insomnia or sleeping problems, used in perfumes as a deodorant. Besides, it is an anti-depressant and anti-rheumatic essential oil.

If you are doing business in the lavender oil, you can try our newest lavender extracting machine, it will save your cost on the production of high quality lavender essential oil and help your expand your business and make big money. If there any needs for the extracting of essnetial oils, please contact us for more detailed infromation about the extraction process of essential oils. We will always stay on your needs!

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