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Safflower Seed Oil

Safflower, generally cultivated in Asia, North America and South America, is usually planted to produce three products, safflower oil, safflower meal and a basis of birdseed. Compared to the oil extracted from other oil seeds, safflower contains relatively higher amount of oleic and linoleic acids. Due to its outstanding properties as a good oil, safflower oil has become an important oil in many industries, including food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and more.

safflower seed oil
Safflower Seed Oil

It is also worth mentioning the nowadays safflower oil is more likely to use in pharma-cological and nutritional products due to its antioxidant activity, omega six fatty acids. And in order to better retain the original active substance contained in safflower oil, the oil processing industry has developed many advanced technology for safflower seed oil extraction, such as super critical fluid and enzymatic extraction method. However, there is also an excellent technology for safflower oil extraction for its low investment and excellent performance. That is low temperature sub-critical extraction.

What is Sub-critical Extraction for Safflower Oil

Sub-critical extraction technology is the newly developed oil extraction method for precious or valuable oils that contains high active ingredients and priced high in the market. Safflower oil extraction adopts this technology can avoid the loss of active ingredients caused by traditional mechanical pressing and better retain all the beneficial materials in the safflower oil since the whole oil extraction process is under low temperature and pressure condition. At the same time, the investment for sub-critical low temperature extraction equipment is greatly lower that other advanced technology, but can achieve the same oil extraction results.

Lab scale safflower oil extraction machine for sales
Lab Scale Safflower Oil Extraction Machine (20L)

Low Temperature Safflower Oil Extraction Process

Just like other oil extraction process, the firs step for low temperature subcritical extraction is to prepare the safflower seeds, making it clean and without any impurities. Then the pretreated safflower seeds are loaded into the extraction tank to separate oil from the seeds. Extracted oil will be directed into the desolventizing tank to get ride of the solvent. The detailed process of safflower seeds oil extraction is as below flow chart.

low temperatue safflower oil extraction process
Low Temperature Safflower Oil Processing Flowchart

More important, we have developed the mini solvent extraction plant for small scale safflower oil production. The capacit is lab scale, mainly including 5L, 20L, 50L, 100L, 150L and 200L, this is especially suitable for those who desire to step into the safflower oil production industry. Our mini lab scale oil extraction unit can offer them great confidence.

If you are searching for an ideal oil extraction equipment for safflower oil extraction with the aim to produce high valued safflower seed oil, then the above mentioned oil processing technology and oil extraction equipment may the most cost effective one for your demands for safflower oil production, any questions, please contact us any time!

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