Pine Nut Oil Extraction Technology

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Pine nut oil is made from the fruit of pine nut (kernel). Pine nut oil is rich in natural vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids. Vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids are important in vegetable oils. Among the known vegetable oils, pine nut oil is the best in both the content and distribution of unsaturated fatty acids. (Related Post: Essential Oil Extraction Business Plan >>)

Pine nut oil
Pine nut oil

Pine Nut Oil Extraction Methods

The widely used pine nut oil extraction method has physical pressing and solvent extraction. But both of these two methods have its advantages and disadvantages. Physical pressing equipment is cheap and can be easily operated. But, the high temperature by frictions may destroy the original nutrients contained in the pine nut oil. While, the solvent extraction is relatively complicated and requires large amounts, but its oil yield is relatively higher. So, is there more cost effective and practical method to produce high quality pine nut oil.

Fortunately, it does have. The sub-critical low temperature extraction technology is now the most suitable oil processing technology for many valuable vegetable oils, such as pine nut oil, grape seed oil, and more. (Related Post: Avocado Oil Extraction Machine Price >>)

How to Extract Pine Nut Oil by Low Temperature Oil Extraction Machine?

Small pine nut oil extraction machine
Small pine nut oil extraction machine

Sub-critical low temperature extraction technology is an extraction process that uses the special properties of the above sub-critical fluid, materials are injected into the extraction tank and soaked in sub-critical fluid, assisted by a certain material solubility ratio, extraction temperature, extraction time, extraction pressure, extractant and entrainer, agitation and ultrasonic. The extraction mixture enters the evaporation system after solid-liquid separation. Under the action of compressor and vacuum pump, according to the principle of vacuum evaporation, the extractant is changed from liquid to gas to obtain the target extract. (Related Equipment: Mini Solvent Extraction Plant >>)

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Benefits of Pine Nut Oil

Pine nut oil contains pinolinic acid, which is not found in other vegetable oils, and several kinds of 20 carbon unsaturated fatty acids with very little content. These unsaturated fatty acids are essential components of cell membrane lipoproteins, as well as maintaining the integrity of skin barrier. In addition, unsaturated fatty acids can also inhibit the aging of the skin. The lack of unsaturated fatty acids can cause skin exfoliation and increase water loss.

triglyceride composition of Siberian pine nut oil
Fatty acid Linoleic acid Oleic acid Pinolenic acid Palmitic acid Stearic acid
Percentage 49.0% ± 2.3 23.8% ± 2.1 17.1% ± 2.0 6.3% ± 2.2 2.5% ± 0.1

As a normalizing factor, the natural vitamin A in pine nut oil is helpful to keep skin soft and plump, improve the function of keeping water in skin, and prevent the damage of ultraviolet to skin. Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant, which is the most widely used component in cosmetics. It has the function of antioxidant and scavenging free radicals, inhibiting the damage of free radicals to skin, and preventing skin aging caused by ultraviolet rays. Vitamin E has the function of widely preventing and treating cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

In addition, SPN is also contained in pine nut oil, which plays an important role in inhibiting inflammation. The experiment shows that pine oil has a good therapeutic effect on dermatitis and bronchitis. The incidence rate of skin diseases is much lower in pine nut producing areas than in other areas. Pine nut oil has magical effect on beriberi, acne and allergic dermatitis. In addition to tracheitis, cough, burns and a variety of tumors are very significant.

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