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Sacha Inchi Oil Extraction technology
Extract Oil from Sacha Inchi Nuts

ABC Machinery is a Chinese top manufacturer, supplier and exporter of oil extraction machinery and natural extraction processing plant projects. The small oil extraction machinery we developed adopts international advanced oil extraction technology – subcritical low temperature extraction method to extract the target product and components. It can process various valuable oilseeds and plant, such as P. volubilis seeds, marula, prickly pear seeds, citronella and more. All the extraction equipment and machinery are now offered the best price, contact us now! (You may also interested in Prickly Pear Oil Extractor Machine or Citronella Oil Extraction Machine >>)

Sacha Inchi Oil Extraction Machine for Sale

Sacha inchi oil is extracted from the seeds of plukenentia volubilis plant by cold extraction method. The oil content of sacha inchi seeds was 45-56%. Our small sacha inchi oil extraction machine is a small scale low temperature oil extraction equipment with a capacity from 1L to 200L. Our small sacha inchi oil extractor machine is ideal choice for the production of sacha inchi oil. The sacha inchi oil extraction is processed under low temperature and high pressure. As a result, the sacha inchi oil can be protected without damages in the values of oils and proteins.

Sacha Inchi Oil Extraction Machine for sale
Sacha Inchi Oil Extraction Machine Set (Capacity: 20L)

Oil Extraction Process: Low Temperature Subcritical Extraction (It has all the advantages of supercritical extraction, but the equipment is much cheaper and affordable than supercritical extraction machines)

This sacha inchi oil extraction machine mainly contains six parts: extraction pot, evaporating pot, desolventizing pot, solvent pot, condenser, compressor and electric cabinet box. It's easy to operate. Compared with traditional solvent extraction method, this oil extraction machine features low oil residual and high oil extraction yield. Other advantages of our mini oil extraction machinery, please see herbal oil essential extraction.

If you want to produce expeller-pressed sacha inchi oil, click here to see screw oil press machine for sale >>

Market Outlook of Sacha Inchi Oil Production

It is regarded as "King of Nutritous Fruit"!

The sacha inchi plant originated throughout the Amazon basin, in Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. It is also known as inca inchi or plukenetia volubilis, mountain peanut, Inca nut or sacha peanut. It is now It is cultivated commercially in South East Asia, especially in Thailand. In recent years, the demand of sacha inchi oils is keep increasing. 

Which European Markets Offer Opportunities for Sacha Inchi Oil Manufacturers?

Leading European Importers of Peruvian Sacha Inchi
Leading European Importers of Peruvian Sacha Inchi

As sacha inchi plants are not grown in Europe, demand for sacha inchi oil has to be met by imports. Since Peru is still the only significant producer and exporter of sacha inchi oil worldwide, Peruvian export statistics can be used as an alternative to estimate the size of the European market.

The major importers of Peruvian sacha inchi oil in were:

  • Spain
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Switzerland
  • The United Kingdom
Buyers in the European Union have strict requirements for Plukenetia Volubilis Seed Oil and other vegetable oils. If you are about to invest in sacha inchi oil extraction business, you will only be able to successfully market your product in Europe when you comply with these requirements. 

Why Invest In Sacha Inchi Oil Processing Business? 

The content of vitamin E in Sacha Inchi Oil was up to 223mg/100g, and the content of unsaturated fatty acid was 1.02 times that of walnut oil and and 1.01 times of olive oil. Sacha Inchi Oil is a high-quality oil for food and health. It is the BEST oil for not only human consumption (edible oil), but also for industrial, medicinal and cosmetic. So far, there is no natural plant in the world has a higher nutritional content than Inca Inchi. 

Comparison of Common Oils for Vitamin Content

Oils Sacha Inch / Plukenetia Volubilis Oil Wheat Germ Oil Corn Germ Oil Flaxseed Oil Walnut Oil Peanut Oil Olive Oil
Vitamin E Content (mg/100g) 223 138 165 35 38 40 14

Comparison of Essential Fatty Acids Content

sacha inchi seed oil benefits and values
Sacha Inchi Oil Benefits

The content of Omega 3 of Oil Inca Inchi are the highest of all the known edible oils extracted from oilseeds. It has the richest acid unsaturated fatty, reaches 93.6%. The linolenic acid content is 6 times that of walnut oil, 48 times of olive oil and 110 times of camellia-seed oil. The Linoleic acid content is also much higher than olive oil and camellia seed oil. Besides, the proportion of linolenic acid and linoleic acid in Inca Inchi oil is close to 1:1, which is most suitable for human absorption. 

Other Benefits of Sacha Inchi Oil

  • It improves heart function, because of high levels of Omega 3- up to 50%. Continuous usage also increases HDL- the good cholesterol levels in the blood, while reducing LDL -the bad cholesterol in the blood.
  • It is rich antioxidants assist in the necessary repairs to body cells, caused by environmental pollutants. This prevents chronic illness and slow down the aging process.
  • Skin and hair health - The oil helps to lock in moisture in the skin and hair, keeping them well moisturized, when combined with the antioxidants benefits it results in a healthy youthful skin and hair.
  • Bone health - The high levels of omega 3 improve the body's absorption of calcium which goes a long way in strengthening bones.
  • Enhanced brain function - Omega 3 in the oil is known to enhance brain health and function especially when fed to young growing brains since brain is mainly made of fats.

These benefits and others have led to tremendous growth in popularity of sacha inchi oil usage and cultivation to other parts of the world. Sacha inchi is now widely used in skin care products, hair care products and as a health supplement.

Video:Sacha Inchi Oil Seed-Based Protein Powders

If you are looking for the most cost effective oil extraction equipment, trust us, our new mini sacha inchi oil extraction equipment won’t let you down. More importantly, we can design the oil extraction process based on your production and application requirements! Any interests, please contact us directly for the best price!


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