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high quality tomato seed oil

Tomato seed oil is a natural high quality cooking oil extracted from tomato seeds by subcritical low temperature extraction method. Tomato seed oil is a high linoleic acid cooking oil, and is a precursor carotene tomato seed oil rich in rich in lycopene and vitamin E, vitamin and nutrition. The selection and separation process is complex, therefore, is higher than ordinary cooking oil. So, how to extract oil from tomato seed? how to choose the best extracting machinery for tomato seed oil production? ABC Machinery is a your reliable supplier of tomato seed oil processing machine.

Premium Quality Tomato Seed Oil Extraction Machine

Due to the high values of tomato seed oil, the best way to extract it is by our low temperature tomato seed oil extraction machine. Compared to other extracting machines and methods, our tomato seed oil extracting machine offers low temperature tomato seed oil extracting process, which can hold maximum nutrients and values of tomato seed oil. The main equipment of a complete set of tomato oil extracting unit is composed of extraction pot, evaporating pot, desolventizing pot, solvent pot, compressor, condenser, etc. See more technical data at Mini Extraction Unit>>

low temperature tomato seed oil extraction machine
Low Temperature Tomato Seed Oil Extraction Machine (20L)

How to Tell High Quality Tomato Seed Oil

High quality tomato seed oil should meet the following criteria:

  • Tomato seed oil must be made from tomato seed and no other oil and food additives are added
  • All health indicators should meet the national standard of edible vegetable oils
  • Smell, taste: it has obvious flavor and flavor of tomato seed oil

The best method to tell true tomato seed oil: Simple differentiation of tomato seed oil: tomato seed oil contains natural lycopene, so it is in orange red, not like other vegetable oils in yellow. Because the natural lycopene is easy to break down, the tomato seed oil drops on the white paper to unfold the orange oil stain, and turn to colorless oil in the next two hours. (You may also interested in Extract Lycopene from Tomato>>)

Nutrients Tomato Seed Oil Olive Oil Tea Seed Oi Safflower Seed Oil
unsaturated fatty acid (%) 82 76-86 ~91 ~91
oleinic acid (%) 24.4 55.0-83.0 83.3 11.0
linoleic acid (%) 55.2 3.5-21.0 7.4 77.9
linolenic acid (%) 2.2 0.3-0.9 - 2.0
vitamin E (mg/kg) 467.0 8.9-17.1 6.9 27.2-35.5
Vitamin D µ (g/kg 2.0 -- -- --
β-beta-carotene mg/kg 9.0 -- -- --
lycopene mg/kg 26.3 -- -- --

Main Fat Composition of Tomato Seed Oil

Fat Content Fat Content Fat Content
Myristic acid 0.1~0.2 Arachidic acid 0.2~0.3 oleic acid 21~25
Palmitic acid 14~16 Behenic acid Tr linolic acid 51~56
Stearic acid 45~55 tetradecenoic acid 0.5~0.6 Perilla oil acid 1.5~2


ABC Machinery is one of the largest oil extraction machinery supplier in China. We are dedicated to supply the most advanced and cost effective oil extraction machinery and oil extraction plant projects for small scale or large scale oil production. If there are any needs, please get in touch with us, we will offer you the competitive price!

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