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Curcumin is one of the Seven Largest Natural Food Pigments in the world. It is reported that 3000 tons of natural pigments are need each year in the United States, and 80 tons of Curcumin is needed in Japan. Turmeric is used to extract curcumin and natural spice turmeric oil. The extraction residues contains about 50% starch and are good materials for animal feed.

making Carcuma longa extracts
Make Carcuma Longa Extract

Subcritical extraction is a new advanced technology suitable for extracting natural extracts including Curcumin and Turmeric oil.

Why Choose Subcritical Extraction Process?

Subcritical Extraction Technology may be referred to as low temperature pressurized (0.3-0.8 MPa) fluid extraction process. This process requires the use of an extracting agent that exists in different states when the pressure is varied from normal pressure to very high pressure.

turmeric extraction machine for making high quality pigment extract
Extraction Capacity: 0.5~150L

  • The extracting agent exists in the fluid state under pressurized condition;
  • Under normal pressure, it is gaseous;
The extraction solvent molecular ability to diffuse is greatly increased with the existence of under subcritical pressure condition. Which implies?
  •   Increased transfer rate
  •   Significant improvement for the extraction solvent to dissolve
  •   Enhanced permeability
Therefore, Subcritical extraction like Supercritical extraction produces high grade oil products despite the fact that the former uses much lower extraction pressure. Subsequently, the equipment price is thus highly reduced making it a better fit for the scale production in the industry in addition to the increased transfer rate, permeability and ability to dissolve.

Market of Turmeric Extraction Industry

turmeric major producing countriesTurmeric extract comes from the dried roots of the curcumin plant Curcuma longa L. Contains volatile oil, the main ingredient in oil is curcumin, aromatic curcumin, ginger, etc. The yellow substance is curcumin, and contains demethoxin, dimethoxycurcumin, dihydrocurcumin, etc. Turmeric is a plant belonging to the ginger family. It is considered to be a 'ayurvedic' medicine for various diseases. It is mainly found in southern part of Asia. The turmeric extract have amazing health effect which are widely used for cooking, cosmetic and medical applications. They have anti inflammation and anti-cancer property, also have therapeutic effect for reducing high cholesterol making the value of Turmeric extract very high. There are no side effects for the usage of turmeric extract.

The key driver in turmeric market which influence its demand in global level is its usage for differential purpose. As years move by the demand for turmeric extract also increases. The increase of usage of turmeric extract was seen in the pharmaceutical industry. The largest user of turmeric extract is India. The use of turmeric extract as medicine has the largest market in the world compared to cosmetics. Scientists say that the demand of turmeric extract would be increased in the coming years. The key vendors in the market are ITC Spices, Nani agro foods, Earth expo company. These vendors face market challenge that includes high level competition, fluctuating turmeric price and risk due to adverse weather condition.

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