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Chili peppers can grow in different soils and climates, and the world's most famous producer of chili pepper is China, India, Mexico, etc. It contains a variety of active ingredients, including red pigment, capsaicine, vitamin, organic acid and more. Capsicum red pigment, a kind of natural carotenoids, is internationally recognized as one of the best red pigment. The main compositions of capsicum red pigment are Capsanthin, Capsonrubin and Zeaxanthin, Carotenoid and so on. It has no side effects on human body and is approved by FAO, WHO, the United States FDA and China GB groups as natural food additives for unlimited use. Due to its good tolerance and strong tinting ability, especially with the activity of scavenging free radicals, capsicum red pigment is widely used in the production of food, seafood, medicine, cosmetics and other sectors. The annual demand for capsicum red pigment is up to 4000 tons in the market of the United States, Japan and the European. Therefore, capsicum red pigment has very good market prospects.
capsicum red pigment and hot chili pepper

New Capsicum Red Pigment Extraction Technology - Cost-effective & Green

The traditional solvent extraction process for capsicum red pigment is steam distillation. Its process flow is long and it requires complicated operations and more equipment. Besides, it has residual solvent in the final products. So the quality of capsicum red pigment is impaired during the extraction process. Low Temperature Sub-critical Biological Extraction Technology is a newly developed green and cost effective extraction process for capsicum red pigment. The total processing capacity of sub-critical solvent extraction machinery equipment is up to 200 tons per day. It is also important to note that within 20 years of continuous improvement, this advanced and industry leading extraction technology has been applied in the extraction and production of water-soluble and fat-soluble components of vegetable oils, natural pigments, essential oils, medicinal herbs, and more. (You may also interested in other natural pigment extraction: Lycopene Extraction from Tomato)

Capsicum Red Pigment Extraction Process

1.  The chili pepper granule after pretreatment is loaded into the extraction tank
2.   Pour the methyl ether into the extraction tank to extract the pepper granule
3.   Get the extracting liquid from extraction tank into evaporative system
4.   Connect the extraction tank with the compressor, and make the residual solvent in the slag to gasify and get into the compressor, after compression and liquefaction. The solvent is recycling and the slag is discharged out from extraction system
5.   The liquid extracts enters into the evaporative system to methyl ether from the extract through decompression
6.   After the solvent is compressed and liquefied, the extract (target product) is discharged out from the whole extraction system.

flow chart of capsicum red pigment extraction

Flow Chart of Capsicum Red Pigment Extraction from Red Chili Pepper

Features of Capsicum Red Pigment Extraction Machinery

Capsicum red pigment extraction machinery makes use sub-critical solvent as extraction agent in an in an airtight, anaerobic, low pressure, pressure equipment, based on the principle of similar organic matter is more likely to be dissolved by each other, through the molecular diffusion process of extracts and extraction solvents in soaking, the fat-soluble components of solid materials transfer into liquid extraction solvent, then to separate the extraction solvent with target product by vacuum evaporation process, finally get the target product (capsicum red pigment). This is a new type of extraction and separation machinery. It is also the new technology developed after supercritical fluid extraction method and it solves the problems of supercritical fluid extraction, like small volume of extraction equipment, high cost investment and energy consumption, large scale production unavailable, etc. Comparing with other extraction machinery, our capsicum red pigment extraction machinery has many outstanding features:

  • The extraction process is non-toxic, harmless, environment-friendly, no pollution, high temperature and pressure free
  • No damages and no oxidation to the natural active ingredients
  • Strong extraction capacity and suitable for large scale production and extraction
  • Energy-saving and cost saving process for low operation cost
  • Has wider application prospects

capsicum red pigment extraction machinery at low cost
Capsicum Red Pigment Extraction Machinery (5 Tons/Day)

Therefore, our subcritical solvent extraction and separation machinery can effectively extract active ingredients from red chili pepper and produce highest quality capsicum red pigment.  Based on this advanced extraction technology, we also provide extraction plant for natural pigment extraction (Curcumin Extraction Plant). If you have any interests, please contact us!

red chili pepper for capsicum pigment extraction
Red Pigment Pretreatment for Capsicum Pigment Extraction

There are great demand for capsicum red pigment in the international market. However, the traditional extraction machinery for capsicum red pigment has some problems: microbial detection control is lax, heavy metal exceeds bid, and residual solvent content is too high. Our capsicum red pigment extraction machinery not only overcome the deficiency of the traditional extraction process, but also maintain the advantages of supercritical fluid extraction method. It can effectively guaranteed the active ingredients and improve the stability and tinting ability of capsicum red pigment. If you are looking for the best extraction method and advanced machinery to process the red chili pepper for capsicum red pigment, please contact us for more information and latest price!

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