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Oil content in sea buckthorn seeds is 7-11 % on average.

low temperature sea buckthorn oil extraction

Sea Buckthorn, also referred to as hippophae rhamnoides is a flowering plant belonging to spiny deciduous shrub, Elaeagnaceae Family. It is widely applied to industry of traditional medicine, cosmetics and animal fodder.


Sea buckthorn oil is mainly used in health food, cosmetics, drugs and other fields. It is rich in oleic acid and linoleic acid, with up to 85% content. Sea buckthorn is known as a "natural vitamin capsule", which is rich in vitamins and phosphorus, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium, calcium, boron, silicon, copper, etc.The market demand keeps expanding. However, the extraction technology of sea buckthorn oil greatly limits the deep utilization and industrial production of sea buckthorn oil, resulting in short supply and high market price.(Maybe you are also interested in almond oil extraction process)

Sea Buckthorn Oil Extraction Machine for Sale

Sea buckthorn oil is extracted from the seeds of sea buckthorn. The roots, leaves, flowers, fruits and seeds of sea buckthorn can be used as medicine, especially the fruit contains a variety of vitamins that cannot be synthesized by human body and cannot be ignored by human body and body.

sea buckthorn oil extraction machine for low temperature oil production
Low Temperature Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil Extraction Machine (Subcritical Extracting)

  • Subcritical Fluid Extraction Machine

Subcritical fluid extraction technology is the best choice for extracting natural product including sea buckthorn oil extraction and eucalyptus oil extraction. It has the advantages of low temperature extraction, low cost, short production cycle, high extraction efficiency and safety and reliability. What’s more, it can keep the biological active ingredients of sea buckthorn oil very well. Besides, it has broad application prospect in large scale industrial production. (Read more about low temperature extraction)

  • Screw Pressing Machine: It is a traditional seed oil extraction process. However, in the process of pressing, due to the increase of pressure and internal friction, the temperature will rise which can destroy the active ingredient. So to get high quality oil products, cold pressing is required. But the oil yield of this extraction process is low.
  • Traditional Solvent Extraction Machine: Organic solvent extraction method has high oil yield but it has the problem of solvent residue.
  • Supercritical CO2 extraction machine: This extraction technology has large investment, and it cannot be used in large production due to the limitations of the equipment itself, and the production cost is extremely high. (here listed the detailed comparison of Subcritical extracton and supercritical extraction)

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Sea buckthorn seed oil is a kind of precious essential oil of high value (how to make the best essential oil extraction business plan), containing a variety of vitamins and bioactive ingredients. One whole fruit of sea buckthorn only has one seed of sea buckthorn. 1000 seeds of sea buckthorn can produce about 10g seed oil. For 20 tons of sea buckthorn fruits, you can get about 1 ton of seeds. About 20 tons of sea buckthorn seeds are needed for a 1 ton per hour buckthorn oil extraction plant or factory. To get high quality sea buckthorn seed oil, choosing the oil extraction machine is the key step.

Market of Sea Buckthorn Oil

It is native to the cold-temperate regions of Asia and Europe, and widely distributed in China, Nepal, India and Bhutan, Afghanistan, the northern regions of Pakistan, Germany, Poland and Baltic Coasts of Finland, coastal areas of the United Kingdom and the Gulf of Bothnia in Sweden. In recent years, Sea Buckthorn has also been planted in countries such as Japan, South Korea, Chile, Bolivia, USA and Canada. (See more about avocado oil making machine >>)

sea buckthorn fruits and seeds
Sea-buckthron Fruits and Seeds

Currently, the worldwide acreage of sea buckthorn is more than 3.0 million ha, including both cultivated and wild plants. China is the largest agricultural producer of Sea Buckthorn and about 2.5 million ha. Except China, there are 20 000 ha in Mongolia, 12 000 ha in India and 3 000 ha in Pakistan. Other countries including Canada, Germany and France also start to grow Sea Buckthorn as an agricultural plant. (Read more about how to extract cinnamon oil?)

Fatty Acid Content

The following table shows the effects of different extraction processes on fatty acids and bioactive components in sea buckthorn oil.

Fatty Acid Relative Amount (%)
Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil Solvent Extraction Subcritical Extraction Screw Pressing
C16:0 7.0 7.2 6.7
C18:0 2.6 2.4 2.5
C18:1n-9 13.6 13.0 13.6
C18:1n-7 2.1 1.9 1.9
C18:2n-6 35.5 35.9 35.3
C18:3n-3 37.4 37.9 38.5

Tocopherol and Carotenoids Content

The following table shows the effects of different extraction processes on tocopherol and carotenoids in sea buckthorn seed oil and fruit oil.
It can be seen from following table that both sea buckthorn seed oil and fruit oil extracted by solvent method have the highest content of tocopherol and carotenoid. Therefore, you can choose different extraction techniques and machine according to different target extract.

Raw Material Active Ingredients Relative Amount (%)
Solvent Extraction Subcritical Extraction Screw Pressing
Sea Buckthorn Seed Tocopherol 420.6 393.4 288.2
  Carotenoids 22.2 11.7 15.3

Plant Sterols Content

Plant sterols is a kind of substance existing in vegetable oil, which has the activity of lowering serum cholesterol level, anti-inflammation, anti-bacterial and anti-tumor, etc., Sea buckthorn oil is rich in plant sterols, so it is widely used in medicine to improve human health. The following table compares the plant sterols content of sea buckthorn seed oil and fruit oil obtained from different extraction processes. The following table shows the effects of different extraction processes on total sterols and main monomers in seed oil and fruit oil of seabuckthorn.

Raw Material Active Ingredients Relative Amount (%)
Solvent Extraction Subcritical Extraction Screw Pressing
Sea Buckthorn Seed Total Sterol 772.4 770.6 655.7

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