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The traditional solvent extraction process for petals pigment is steam distillation. Steam distillation process has long process flow and complex operation. Besides, the heat sensitive components in the pigment is also destroyed which greatly affects the pigment quality.

pigment extraction from petals
Pigment Extraction from Petals

Subcritical extraction machine is a kind of low temperature solvent extraction technology developed in recent 20 years. After 20 years of continuous improvement, it is ideal choice for pigment extraction from petals and plants. It is also widle applied to biological materials extraction industry including essential oil extraction, protein extraction and pigment extraction. The total annual processing capacity is nearly 200,000 tons. (Related Post: How to extract capsicum Red Pigment from Chillies?)

Subcritical Extraction Machine for Extracting Pigment from Petals

Subcritical fluid extraction machine uses subcritical fluid as extraction agent. It is based on the principle of organic matter similarity and compatibility, extract target pigment products from petals and plants through molecular diffusion process of solvent and extracts under low pressure and low temperature. The solvent can be completely discharged by vacuum evaporation process and pure pigment products can be got.

petals pigment extraction machine for sale
Machine for Pigment Extraction from Petals and Plants

Subcritical fluid extraction is a new technology after supercritical fluid extraction technology, which mainly solves the defects of supercritical fluid extraction machine such as small production output, high equipment price and production cost, high energy consumption, and unsuitable for large-scale industrial production. This machine is also suitable for extracting lycopene from tomato and marigold oleoresin extraction process.


Features of Subcritical Pigment Extraction Machine

Compared with supercritical CO2 extraction machine, our subcritical pigment extraction machine has the following highlights:

  • Wide range of production capacity.
  • Lower equipment price.
  • Lower pigment extraction production cost.
  • Suitable for large scale production.
  • Low energy consumption.

Besides, compared with other separation methods, our machine for pigment extraction from flower, petals and plant also has other advantages including non-toxic, harmless, environmental protection, non-pollution, cold extraction process, retaining the active components of the extract without damage or oxidation.

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Actually, subcritical fluid extraction and separation technology is not only the best choice for natural pigment extraction, but also the best machine for extraction of various effective ingredients or active ingredients from plants and animals, including insect extract, animal extract, special oils and fats, animal & plant protein. 

Plant and Petal Pigment Extraction Process

What needs to be emphasized is that the petals should be compressed into small pellets. Then, the petal pellets can be processed in pigment extraction machine. Under room temperature and a certain pressure, uses liquid subcritical solvent as the extraction agent to extract pigment from pelletized petals. Then, through pressure reduction and evaporation, the solvent are gasified and separated from the petal pigment extracts. The gasified solvents can be compressed and liquefied again for reuse. You maybe also interested in low temperature wheat germ oil extraction process.

plant and petal pigment extraction process
Process of Pigment Extraction from Petals and Plants

The whole pigment extraction process is carried out at room temperature, so there is no damage to the heat-sensitive components in the natural flower pigments, which is the biggest advantage of our subcritical pigment extraction machinery. (Article about extraction of spice oils and oleoresins)

Factors Influencing Subcritical Pigment Extraction Efficiency

The main factors influencing subcritical pigment extraction efficiency includes size of compressed petal pellets, solvent ratio, extraction pressure, extraction temperature, and extraction time, etc. Feel free to contact us whenever you feel interested in knowing more about detailed operation of our machine for extracting pigments from petals and other kinds of plants.

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